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Learn how automating your AP invoicing system can help you optimize your AP process, automate manual tasks and improve the accuracy of data.

Automate Your Accounts Payable Invoicing with DOKKA Accounting Software

From communication to banking, even the monthly shop, digitisation, and automation is at the heart of all we do as a society. And there’s a reason for it. Automation relies on cutting-edge machine learning to shorten timeframes, save money, and provide overall convenience, giving users more opportunity to be productive. It stands to reason then, that all of those wonderful features, will certainly also benefit the very core to your livelihood – your business.

How to automate your accounts payable (AP) invoicing with DOKKA accounting software

Automation can be brought into most facets of your business, and indeed, it should. But there’s one area that benefits significantly from the efficiency, savings in time and money, and simplification of process that comes with incorporating it – the accounts payable (AP) department.

Automated AP solutions

DOKKA is here to enhance your ERP – and to add power to your accounts payable process in particular, for faster, more streamlined accounting that’s simply the way of the future. Under the mantra, collect, process, archive, we give you these powerful automation features, to enhance your workflow, and improve one of your business’s most vital functions – the sound balancing of the books.

And there are a number of ways, depending on your preference:

Drag and drop
Any digital format will do, simply move files across without having to select.

Scan documents directly to the system in any digital format.

Using a customised email address, DOKKA’s smart AI automatically captures attachments and files them to the system, where they’re extracted and added to the workspace.

In our easy-to-use mobile app, take a photo of your document and upload it to your workspace.

Insight and data is automatically captured by DOKKA through AI learning that recognises, extracts and captures information according to your business’s processes:

Approve and send
All data from uploaded documents is automatically extracted, captured and added to a digital template. All you need do is approve and send.

Drag and drop, copy and paste
If the information that is populated is not correct, you can drag and drop, or copy and paste data to the right fields. DOKKA’s teachable AI will then understand every similar document needing similar output.

Duplication prevention
DOKKA’s intuitive learning means that every duplicate document on the system will be quickly sought and identified – a warning of any duplication will be sent to you or your accountant as an alert.

This is the pinnacle of invoicing solutions – document storage and management that’s entirely digitised:

The cloud
Store data, retrieve documents, and access account information anywhere, anytime with secure cloud storage capabilities.

Virtual folders
Create virtual folders to arrange and manage files, and for lightning-quick retrieval of data.

Document tags
Assign digital labels and tags to files and documents for better and more effective accounting.

Combine, edit and organise pages and files, all in the cloud:

Merge pages, use digital paper clips, or cluster pages under one transaction – just like in hard copy, only now at the click of a mouse button, and at the preservation of countless forests.

Split your documents into single pages.

Add files, remove pages, sort documents – no more printing, paper wastage or manual data entry needed.

Download and export files when needed.

Just like searching a filing cabinet, only quicker and smarter:

Search bar
In the search bar, type a single word related to the document you seek: company title, job type, invoice type, and DOKKA’s smart, all-knowing search function will find the information you need.

Date filter
Alternatively, use any of the various date filters in our smart data retrieval functions.

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