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Thriveal Podcast

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Accounting Podcast Goodness

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They have all 104 episodes playable from their website, and in addition you can subscribe on stitcher. (but you need to sign up to stitcher to see the episodes / listen)

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Name: Jason Blumer
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About: (From Jason’s linkedin page)

My partner and I own a CPA firm working virtually, and focused on various verticals, such as design, web, marketing, and agency niches. I facilitate business transformation in people’s firms, agencies, and companies through onsite consulting or business coaching. is a consultancy and membership organization to educate and care for accounting firm entrepreneurs. We consult with accounting firms that are looking to grow, change, and build teams.

I am a podcast host and founder of two monthly podcast shows since 2011:
– the Thrivecast
– the Businessology Show

I speak and write too.

Number of Episodes: (on the 26th February 2020)


Examples of what this podcast is about:

Anything around non-traditional CPAs – creative ways of doing things!

The best way of understanding this podcast, is to see the post they did on the history of how they started a couple years back. 

From their about page:

One of the goals Jason had for Thriveal from the time it launched was to produce a podcast. Jason met his co-host, Greg Kyte, in January 2011 at a VeraSage event in Napa, CA. Greg was asked not too long after that if he would consider co-hosting the new Thriveal podcast with Jason, officially titled The Thrivecast. The first show was released on August 4, 2011 with Jason and Greg interviewing one another and discussing articles from The Harvard Business Review. Beginning with the second show, Jason and Greg have always followed their discussion of relevant and interesting business topics by interviewing a guest. The first guest was Greg LaFollette. Other guests have included prominent people within the accounting profession as well as thought leaders in the business world. Most shows are released monthly around the 25th. There have been a few shows recorded with a live audience as well. A live show in Las Vegas featured Tom Hood and Mark Koziel, a live show in Austin, TX at SXSW featured Jody Padar and Tom Hood. Two shows have been recorded at the Thriveal Learning gatherings in Greenville, SC. The first one featured Ron Baker and Ed Kless and the second one featured Jody Thompson.

The podcast was originally co-created with The Cloud Solutions Alliance, which consisted of Shoeboxed, Avalara, Freshbooks, SmartVault, XCM Solutions, and Fujitsu ScanSnap Community.

The last 3 podcasts: (on the 26th February 2020)

  • It’s virtually the same (with Ryan Lazanis)
  • Small Firm Strategies (with Carl Peterson)
  • 2019 Secret Stash

Accounting Software Focus for this podcast:

The official sponsor for the blog is Quickbooks, so that gives an indication.

General Reviews:

The Thriveal Podcast isn’t on the apple podcast store, or any other place which allows ratings.

What do we like about this podcast?

Accountants & CPAs are usually very serious (which is important when money is involved), but sometimes there’s a need to find a left and right brain Accountant. Someone who is creative. Someone who thinks out of the box. This podcast (and the Thriveal community) brings together creative accountants.

We also love that Jason isn’t only involved in an accounting firm, but in a variety of different businesses, both as an entrepreneur and an investor.