Integrate your tools.

Utilize this platform as the ERP Add-On it has been created to be to get the most out of your solutions. 

Get the best of both worlds

We integrate with leading accounting software such as Quickbooks (QBO and QBD). Our integration with Quickbooks allows documents and their data to be seamlessly transferred between the two systems.

DOKKA Integrations

How it Works

Extract Data

DOKKA extracts the data from the invoices and bills and classifies it for you


All that is left for you to do is to ensure details were correctly populated and approve it


The transaction together with the file will be created and uploaded into your ERP

Harness the Power of AI
Start to Gain Value From the First Day

No setup required, DOKKA learns automatically how to process your documents and it will keep learning and improving to fit your document processing preferences

Integrating with leading accounting software

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