AutoEntry vs Hubdoc vs DOKKA: Comparing 3 Automation Tools

Entering purchase invoices and receipts data is one of those small tasks that you may not consider automating at first, but that can seriously waste time and expose your business to human error. An automated data entry software that syncs with your accounting software can streamline processes even more, boost efficiency and offer you the safety of the cloud.

But which tool is the best? You’ve probably heard your accountant mention software such as AutoEntry, Hubdoc, and DOKKA, so here some of the most important features and pricing details to help you make the right call:


Feature-wise, with AutoEntry users can submit invoices by scanning them with the mobile app, AutoEntry automatically extracts data from them, and automatically syncs it with your accounting software.

However, what stands out about AutoEntry is its pricing model, which doesn’t require a full
subscription. Instead, after the free trial period, you can purchase a set number of credits, which you then used depending on the features you want to use. Unused credits roll over to the next month, which is a nice feature for small business owners and home businesses because you pay exactly what you use.


Hubdoc is a Xero product that extracts data from your documents, whether they come in the form of receipts, bills, statements, or emails, and converts it into usable data through Optical Character Recognition. When you connect Hubdoc to your bank account for the first time, it automatically fetches data from the last 36 months, which is a major timesaver. Recognition speed is also pretty impressive and it can often recognize instantly data that took other tools hours to identify. Hubdoc isn’t as feature-packed as ReceiptBank but it is the lowest cost solution for small to medium-sized businesses, so unless you have advanced accounting requirements, this tool is a great place to start.


DOKKA has huge potential thanks to its AI-powered features. Like the other tools on this list, DOKKA integrates with your accounting software, collects documents, and automates entries, but it stands out through its customization options. By continuously using Dokka, you can teach its AI system to understand your needs and make it more relevant for your business. You also have collaboration tools, so that you can communicate in real time with team members. Dokka has a free trial version available, Business and Pro plans that are billed annually, or you can go for a customizable Enterprise version.