DOKKA on Mobile – Improved!

DOKKA Mobile App Screenshot

New Versions of Mobile Apps

NEW!! Fresh out of development! This has been one of your biggest requests! The mobile app has been upgraded. When it first came out it was great. The app let you do two things: upload documents and chat about them… if you are not an accountant or bookkeeper. It was great, but limited. The new version is for financial people as well! Now, even if you have access to multiple companies in DOKKA, you can use the mobile app.

You can download or upgrade the app from your respective App/Play Store. You still cannot use the app for accounting work. Who wants to work on such a small screen, anyway? But now you can upload documents to the correct company, and handle chats while on the bus home.

Click here to read more about it in our knowledge base. If you’re new to DOKKA, please visit our website. Contact us to set up a demo to see via Zoom how DOKKA can save you time on your accounting and bookkeeping.

Drag More with Less Work

First there was paper. Then Excel. Now there is DOKKA. In the beginning, DOKKA was very basic. The machine learning was really neat, and the Drag&Drop feature was cool, but it was limited to one word. Then the developers added a way to grab multiple words, but it was tricky. 

Now the Grab part of Drag&Drop is even easier! You can grab just part of the word and DOKKA will understand that you mean the whole thing. As you move the mouse over the desired selection, you’ll see blue boxes around each word. As soon as everything you want has a box around it, you can stop grabbing, release, and then click to Drag it. Read the article to learn more.

General Fixes and Tweaks

We’ve made a few changes to the interface to make things even easier.

Generic Journal Entries!

We’re adding more transaction types to the bookkeeping entries in DOKKA. We’re starting with a generic journal entry which will let you record many different transactions. I know that some accountants have sworn to never use a generic journal entry, but for those who do, it’s available in DOKKA. This feature is still a beta release. If you’re interested, contact us and we’ll help you activate it.

Have a great weekend. There’s more cool stuff coming out of the pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates!

If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant in our partner program, then speak to your DOKKA account manager today, so they can demo how to use these new features.

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