We recognise documentation just like Humans can… And even better!

Until DOKKA, only Human Beings could recognise what each document is. Hold up a document a few meters away from your colleague, and their analysis would follow this pattern:

”From the layout, that document looks like a bank statement, and from the colors and logo, it looks like it’s from Wells Fargo Bank!”

New Brain Pic

DOKKA has developed a sophisticated pipeline of actions to replicate the thought process that humans beings use to identify documentation.

DOKKA uses “Visual Recognition” technology to recognise every document no matter what format. And it’s AI & Machine Learning, means that you only need give it one example of the required output, and it will understand all similar documentation it receives from then on.

DOKKA can recognize documentation with the highest level of accuracy

Part of the problem with data extraction is that Optical Character Recognition (OCR) doesn’t work well with non-English speaking languages. So DOKKA has created it’s own language-agnostic tech, to extract relevant data, in the correct format, from all documentation.