How History Trail Works in Accounting Automation Software

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History Trail

The history trail is also known as the Audit Trail. Everything is recorded. Now you can see who uploaded every document; who added tags, modified a sticky note, or even had a chat. Everything is visible. Click here to see more about it!


But it’s better than just a list! It’s responsive! When you click on an item in the list, the relevant document pops up in a preview mode.


You’re in control with DOKKA!

Loan Accounts in Xero

When you integrate with one of our accounting software partners we pull in the Chart of Accounts, vendor list, payment accounts, and tax codes. Some accounts are tricky. They’re listed in the CoA, but they can also be used for payments. In Xero there is a checkbox to allow an account to accept payments. Now, when these accounts are selected, they will appear in the Payment Accounts List.

This is the list of accounts from the Chart of Accounts:

COA-Payment Account 1

This is the list of payment accounts:

COA-Payment Account 2

We’re adding all of the fields you need for bookkeeping, so that getting data into your accounting system will be as easy as Drag&Drop.

Faster Processing

We’ve found a way to speed up DOKKA even more. If you’ve tried DOKKA you’ve seen how quickly an invoice can be uploaded. In mere seconds the document is analyzed, indexed, and ready with the financial data waiting for you in the fields of the bookkeeping entry. However, processing this entry from DOKKA into you accounting software can also take time (maybe more than mere seconds, but it’s still measured in seconds). Our developers have sped this up, so you can process, accept, and move onto the next document.

If you haven’t seen DOKKA in action, click this link to schedule an online demo.

That’s all the big news for now. Stay tuned. There are more big announcements coming up! 

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