DOKKA Partner Program

Take a Part in the AI Automation Era


How can DOKKA assist your clients?

DOKKA AI is an ERP Add-On that will give your customers what we call  ‘Accounting Automation Superpowers’. With DOKKA, they will have everything they will need to collect, process and archive invoices and bills efficiently.


Furthermore, DOKKA is also a Digital Archive and Document Management system with rich capabilities that will help them to reduce manual data entry and get rid of paper, printing or filing.




DOKKA’s Partnership models

Distribution Partners
For system integrators or managed services providers that want to build new revenue streams with DOKKA AI solution.
Referral Partners
For companies that identify the growing trend of accounting automation and have the motivation to spread the word and generate demands to DOKKA’s service.
Online Affiliation Partners
For companies that have a digital asset and can leverage both on it and on the growing trend of accounting automation.

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