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The DOKKA Developers have been hard at work preparing some BIG new features. Hopefully there will a HUGE announcement next week. In the meantime, work doesn’t stop on the “smaller” issues.

Search on Anything

Everything is indexed. Now everything is searchable. Not just everything in the document. That’s old news (Read up on searching here). Text that was pulled in from your accounting software is also searchable to help you find a document. For example, if the vendor name is different in the accounting system than the invoice, the bookkeeping entry will match the system. You can search on that. How cool is that?

History on Your Time

Last week we released the History Trail! Every action is recorded and timestamped. Now it’s tracked in YOUR local time. This will make it much easier to use. 

You can read more about the amazing History Trail here!

Other Tweaks and Fixes

You may not have noticed these little things, but we have. Our team is constantly looking for ways to make DOKKA faster, easier, and more user-friendly. Here are some things we’ve improved: 

  • Better currency detection. We want the bookkeeping entry to match the document. If you get documents with different currencies, we need to recognize them. Now we got better at it.
  • New “Processing” widget. This may seem like nothing, but the widget is new, and nicer. Now it’s dots in a row instead of a circle
  • The Ref ID field matches the length allowed by your accounting software. Now we match.
  • Auto-complete in Settings. When you create your new organization or add a new user, you need to give a phone number. Now, the country code is auto-complete. Start typing the country and the list will shrink to help you.

If you haven’t seen DOKKA in action, click this link to schedule an online demo.

That’s all the big news for now. Stay tuned. There are more big announcements coming up! 

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