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Quickbooks and Xero can’t create faultless entries in your system from financial documents in seconds. But DOKKA can. 

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Does Data Entry for Financial Documents Feel Like a Mind-Numbing Manual Mess

Struggling to find scanned documents scattered across your digital accounts?

Trying not to fall asleep while punching in the same data points over and over and over again into your bookkeeping software?

But Even if you’ve Found an “Automated” Solution it’s Still Faster to Put the Data in Quickbooks or Xero Yourself.

Because ‘automating’ still means waiting up to 9 hours for your entry to show up in your bookkeeping software.

Because your ‘smart’ solution still struggles to recognize simple things like tax codes, date formats, and payment methods.

Because you still have to manually fix the incorrect data showing in your uploaded invoices.

But now, there is a better way…


The Ridiculously Powerful AI-based Addition to your Accounting Software

DOKKA gives you everything you need to automatically upload, process, and archive all your invoices, receipts, and bills — in one place.

Less time-suck. More revenue.

Imagine your bookkeeping staff breezing through data entry in minutes. Imagine them being able to focus on more important activities and handle more clients, instead of just punching their keyboards.

The end of human error

DOKKA reads tens of data points on the page to verify all the details on your documents. And if there’s an error, DOKKA’s AI will learn how to get it right next time. Misreadings only happen once.

Much less stress

Forget about the frantic last-minute  “I can’t find that invoice” phone calls to your clients or colleagues. DOKKA’s visual document display and Google-like search put all your data at your fingertips.

You Can Do So Much With DOKKA


Save Up to 70% of Your Data Processing Time

Upload documents to your system in seconds with DOKKAs desktop & mobile app. So you can measure the time your team spends on data entry in clicks, not hours.

✓ Upload docs — in any language — using your scanner, phone, or drag-n-drop  

✓ Pull email attachments into the system automatically. No downloads necessary


From Uploading to Bookkeeping-Entry Ready in Only 7 Seconds

That’s how long DOKKA takes to turn your documents into bookkeeping entries ready for pushing into  Quickbooks or Xero — without the need to create or maintain any rules. Our AI automatically extracts data from every document into a digital template. All you need to do to upload the documents, make sure the data is correct, and click ‘approve.’

✓ Fix inaccurate data with an easy drag-n-drop system. DOKKA’s AI continuously learns your documents, so errors don’t get repeated.   

✓ Get notified about duplicated data in the system

✓DOKKA also automatically recognizes duplicate documents and won’t upload them, so no more double entries.


All Your Documents in One Place. Not Scattered Across Accounts.

Store your documents in the cloud and access them from anywhere with DOKKA’s document management system. DOKKA gives you a huge amount of tools to organize your docs like a boss. And our AI indexes every single word. So you can effortlessly find any document you want — every single time.

✓ View all your documents in a straightforward visual display

✓ Google-like search for any word or image to bring up the doc you need

✓ Create virtual folders in a click. Duplicate, merge, digitally staple or even add sticky notes to your docs

 ✓ Reduce the stress of audits with all your docs easily accessible and organized


Stay on Top of Your Documents

Communicate with your clients and co-workers directly on your documents with DOKKA’s in-app chat feature. Tag your colleagues on docs they need to see and create custom approval flows for your team. So you never have to trawl through your mailbox, inbox, or Slack for important messages ever again.

✓ Resolve queries on your documents faster

✓ Access the comment history on the doc itself

✓ Streamline your client correspondence

Your Life at Work will Never be the Same Again

Accountants and bookkeepers around the world can’t stop raving about how much hassle DOKKA saves them.

Pierre Dixon
Real Time Accounting, SA

“What we have seen and heard from a lot of clients is that they have saved so much time through the use of electronic tools including DOKKA and us assisting them with back-office operations, that they can focus their effort and energy on growing and improving the business.”

Malcolm Strachan
IntuBookkeeping, UK

“Dokka’s user-friendly interface was a big win for us. And the accuracy with which the AI reads documents is very very impressive.

Rebecca Tapley
The Stylish Bookeeper, UK

“I love it! It’s brilliant! It’s changed my life at work. I can’t do my job without it now, that’s how good it is.”

Julie Delong
Backyard Bookkeeper

“It’s been amazing to use Dokka because it’s such an easy way for clients to share information with us. My favorite part is that Dokka even allows us to link the document to the transaction in Quickbooks.”

Yes, Your Data is 100% Secure

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to store your documents in the cloud in the securest way possible. We’re also compliant with all the major information security protocols so you can rest assured that your data stays safe at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Monthly plans vary depending on specific business needs. But here’s an idea of what you can expect:

  • For accounting and bookkeeping companies, pricing starts at $150/month 
  • For enterprise businesses, book a call with our team to discuss your options.

A. Absolutely, DOKKA has many different ways of handling line items. Once you sign up, we’ll go through all the options. Or you can book a demo to see it for yourself.

A. DOKKA integrates with all popular accounting software solutions, including Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, and Sage.

A. Yes! DOKKA also serves enterprise companies. Book a callback with one of our team members if you’d like to learn more about DOKKA for enterprises.


Stop Drowning in Documents
Start Doing Your Accounts Like Clockwork

DOKKA transformed the way RTA does business. And it can do the same for you too. The stats speak for themselves.


Before DOKKA


Paperless office



Automated processing of client data



Cloud storage



Automated client processes



Save Massive Amounts of Time and Minimize the Risk of Human Error

Start digitizing your accounting processes with DOKKA today — and get the first 2 months for FREE. 
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One of our team will call you within 48 hours for a 15 min chat to see if DOKKA’s right for you.

*Enterprise company? DOKKA can help you, too. Book a callback with one of our team members to learn more about DOKKA for enterprises.*