The Fastest Way to Close Your Books

DOKKA is a next-generation financial close platform that helps finance teams shorten their closing cycle, stay audit ready and gain real-time visibility into their data.

DOKKA Does the Closing
Work For You

DOKKA automates closing tasks, detects anomalies, and proposes adjusting journal entries. It unifies data from various sources and guides you through the end-of-period adjusting processes, providing transparency, accuracy and effortless financial report generation.

Accelerate Your Close
with Pre-Built and
DIY Automations

Spend less time on number crunching and more time on understanding the bigger picture.

Bring All of Your Data
Into One Place

Enhance transparency and collaboration by ensuring that all of your team has equal access to relevant documentation.

Stay Compliant and
Audit-Ready, At All Times

Reduce audit cost, improve overall compliance and minimize the need for audit remediation.

Get the Financial Reports
You Need, When You Need

Automate the creation of financial reports for statutory and management purposes.

Financial Close Automation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial close automation involves using a software solution to manage and automate the process of closing financial books at the end of a reporting period. This process includes tasks such as account reconciliation, journal entry management, and financial reporting.

Automating the financial close process increases efficiency, reduces errors, and saves time. It allows finance teams to focus on analysis and strategic activities rather than manual data entry and reconciliation.

Any organization that handles financial reporting can benefit, particularly medium to large companies with complex accounting processes. It’s particularly useful for finance departments seeking to optimize workflows and ensure accuracy in financial reporting.

Key features include:

  • Automated reconciliations and journal entries
  • Real-time anomaly management
  • Integration with existing accounting software
  • Compliance and audit trail capabilities
  • Creation of financial statements, reports and working papers, based on analyzed data
  • User-friendly interface and customizable workflows

DOKKA provides all of these features and more inside a singular, unified system. 

Yes, it aids compliance by providing detailed audit trails, ensuring adherence to accounting standards, and maintaining accurate and timely records. In addition, DOKKA’s advanced anomaly management system notifies you about the errors in your records, and provides complete breakdown on how the errors happened. 

DOKKA is designed to integrate with a range of accounting software and ERP systems, as well as other data sources such as payroll systems, banks, and structured and unstructured sources of data. We offer industry-leading implementation speed, getting you up and running in weeks. 

Yes. DOKKA features a ‘Build Your Own’ automations layer which will enable you to further customize the product to align with your specific company processes and requirements.

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From Chaos to Clarity

Move away from manual, Excel-based closing processes, with DOKKA

From Chaos to Clarity

Move away from manual, Excel-based closing processes, with DOKKA.