AP Automation for Xero

DOKKA augments your existing Xero workflows with automated invoice processing, PO-matching, approval workflows and automatic entry posting. 

Why Hundreds of Xero Users Love DOKKA

Directly integrated with Xero

Unmatched time to deployment. Get up and running in just days. 

Fully Autonomous AP Automation

DOKKA uses proprietary AI-based technology to automate invoice processing.

Master it in Just 60 Minutes

DOKKA is as intuitive as your regular email app and as familiar as your desk. 

Language-agnostic OCR Technology

No matter what the language on the invoice is, DOKKA will understand and process it accurately.

Invoice Processing Done in 10 Seconds

No solution compares to DOKKA’s invoice processing speed. It’s super fast!

Get a Complete Context on Invoices

Pull invoices from your inbox along with the contents of the emails for instructions and more context.

Explore DOKKA's AP Automation Features

Google-like Search

Find any document within seconds, just by searching for keywords that appear inside it.

Automated Document Collection

Automatically imports documents from email, office scanner, proprietary mobile app, csv and even WhatsApp.

Works in Any Language

DOKKA is able to process invoices of all languages and formats, and you can even use it to translate text directly on the spot

Intuitive, Out Of the Box

Laid out similar to regular email apps, it literally takes an hour to learn how to use it, even for non tech-savvy people.

Virtual Desk-like Experience

Just like your desk, DOKKA lets you split, merge, staple and organize documents to your liking

Audit Trail

Documented history of all activities in your DOKKA account, allowing you to trace back every journal entry to its source.