RTA Uses DOKKA to Improve Their Clients’ Accounts Payable Operations


Real Time Accounting (RTA) was founded in 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa. They started as a traditional accounting firm, but grew out of it and today their business goes way beyond usual bookkeeping. RTA strives to bring additional value to their clients by providing the best accounting offering, but also a comprehensive service for all entrepreneurs and SMEs.

RTA decided to be the first to follow what many in the international accounting industry believe to be the future of accounting for SMEs, and began offering packages designed to ensure a unique value proposition for their clients. The list of RTA services includes accounting and tax, financial management, business advisory, financial planning and wealth management. RTA implements and manages cloud-based Xero accounting software and business intelligence solutions to give their clients the information they need to make effective business decisions in real time. RTA is the first certified Xero Advisor in South Africa, Xero’s first global Gold Partner and a Xero Platinum Partner.


RTA is a technologically focused and driven firm that tends to provide real-time insights into financial data. To achieve that, having a paperless, cloud-based system was paramount.

Automating their clients’ processes and functions was of vital importance and it was necessary to help the clients increase their understanding of the value of their own business and speed up access to their data more efficiently and with higher accuracy.

Even though their accounting software was working well, it did not offer the seamless automation required for a business looking to take the next steps in its growth trajectory.

Their biggest problem at the time was inefficient and limited document management. Therefore, they needed an add-on to their existing tech stack that would also keep their process pretty much the same.

Enter DOKKA.

“What we have seen and heard from a lot of clients is that they have saved so much time through the use of electronic tools including DOKKA and us assisting them with back-office operations, that they can focus their effort and energy on growing and improving the business and further marketing their company allowing increased success.”

- Pierre Dixon, Director and Owner at Real Time Accounting


The decision to work with DOKKA was based largely on its ability to handle document storage efficiently, accurately and with ease — as you might know, DOKKA keeps invoices, emails and payment information in a centralized, easily accessible cloud-based space.

On top of document management, RTA found a special value in using DOKKA’s AI for automating manual tasks, particularly the initial document setup, and its ability to learn over time and speed up workflows further.

With major savings of both time and energy, RTA can focus on what’s important — growing their clients’ businesses. And that is exactly what impressed the decision-makers at Real Time Accounting and cemented that DOKKA should be their first choice.

Biggest Wins

Faster back-office operations for their clients

The automation of manual processes and tasks ensured RTA client’s growth in other, more vital areas, by saving time and increasing their overall efficiency when it comes to invoice processing and management. 

Effective document management

DOKKA’s ease of use allowed their clients to take control of their documents, allowing for added accountability on their part, while at the same time enabling Real Time Accounting to save both time and money in the process.

“We have seen a significant improvement in the use of DOKKA compared to other electronic providers, specifically with regards to client buy-in as it’s more user friendly and from an accountability perspective (with regards to the uploading and storage of relevant documents) as this is now totally visible to the client.”

- Pierre Dixon, Director and Owner at Real Time Accounting

Efficiency Made Easy

Manual AP tasks can be monotonous and prone to mistakes. With DOKKA, you can automate the tedious work and focus on more strategic responsibilities.