AJP Group Saves $49,200 a Year with DOKKA’s Accounting Automation Suite


AJP Group has been fueling growth and prosperity for local communities in South Africa for over 20 years. The Group’s core business consists of franchised businesses, retail property development & management sectors, and a growing food division.

Their portfolio also includes the AJP Property division that manages shopping centers and malls, AJP Retail with Pick n Pay franchise stores like supermarkets, liquor, pharmacies and clothing stores, and the AJP Advance digital marketing agency and creative studio.

The company operates in Gauteng province, at a wider Johannesburg area. As a big market leader, AJP values its customers and gives back to the community through various sponsorships and charity contributions.

Quick facts:

2000+ employees
12 shopping malls in company’s portfolio
10 Pick n Pay Supermarkets
9 Pick n Pay Liquor Stores
7 Pick n Pay Clothing Stores
3 Pick n Pay Pharmacies
2 Pick n Pay Stores at BP Gas stations


AJP Group is a large franchiser with a lot of subsidiaries, especially in their retail and consumer goods divisions. The amount of merchandise that the company manages daily, and the number of PO’s and invoices that are coming in through their system, has created a huge challenge for the Group’s finance team. As their operations grew, so has the need for a more efficient capturing of data.

Operating the business on such a big scale has created time-management and resource issues for their finance department, mostly because the sheer volume of work required for manual data entry naturally resulted in lots of mistakes.

They have quickly recognized the need for a more accurate and efficient solution to optimize their resources, minimize errors and become more efficient with their accounts payable processes.


AJP ultimately wanted to increase their finance team’s productivity without increasing headcount. After spending hours researching various accounting automation solutions, they identified DOKKA as a potential partner that could help them fulfill their goals.

What tipped them in the right direction is the fact that DOKKA is easy to use and was quickly integrated with their existing system. This proved to be critical in getting buy-in from the team members, who initially weren’t aware that the management tried to actually make their job easier by eliminating manual and redundant processes. Needless to say, they have grown to love DOKKA and all of its benefits.

To be specific, DOKKA’s AI-powered automation made the process of data capturing fast and accurate, and completely removed the element of human error.

In turn, this helped AJP Group save upwards of USD $49,000 a year while ensuring the company can keep growing. This number comes from their estimate that, in order to get the same benefits they are getting with DOKKA, they would have to spend upwards of R60,000 per month (USD $4,100) on human and technical resources.

“With DOKKA being available for mobile devices and integrating seamlessly with other accounting software, the employees within the group have made the most of it and found the shift to DOKKA to be an overall and resoundingly positive one. Support is available and never an issue, the users appreciate the system and have grown to enjoy working with it. A huge thank you to DOKKA for this incredible system, it most certainly is a game-changer.”

- Jaydene Potgieter, CFO at AJP Group

Biggest Wins

Less time spent on extracting invoice data

By spending less time on manual data capturing, AJP Group’s finance team is now able to focus their time in building relationships with suppliers and partners, which in turn builds a stronger position for the Group and adds value to the business.

Increased efficiency of invoice processing

AJP Group is a multi-focused business that needs to keep its finger on the pulse of all business activities at all times. DOKKA provides the perfect solution to allow the business operations to continue whilst all invoicing and data capture needs are taken care of.

Higher employee satisfaction

What can’t be quantified is the amount of job satisfaction that employees of the AJP’s finance team are now able to achieve. Less manual work and a tailored solution that fits their needs gives them a chance to be more productive and more focused on the tasks at hand.

Remote-friendly AP

In March 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity and the ease of use of the DOKKA solution was once again made clear. As employees were forced to work remotely, DOKKA accommodated this by providing cloud-base workspace and allowed the business processes to continue seamlessly.

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