Brand New Look

DOKKA login screen

DOKKA is running ahead with new features and making the old ones even better. Read about the newest releases…

New Logo, New Look

We’ve been working so hard on making DOKKA better that we ignored the external look. Emil, our CEO launched a rebranding campaign. Here it is! The new look for DOKKA. The functionality is the same. The new features are being developed just as intensely. The look is much cleaner! Let us know what you think.


Contact us to learn more about supported invoice types and integrations (including Quickbooks Desktop).

Column Control

DOKKA saves you time by automatically extracting the data that you need from the uploaded documents. It learns by watching you work. But as automated as accounting can be, there may be a need for human intervention. So we’re making the bookkeeping entry form as user friendly as possible. You can select some fields to pin to the front of the form. Now you can work in your own style, but faster and easier!


We already added the ability to resize the columns of the form. Now you can control which columns you see. As we add more columns to let you fill the entire transaction in DOKKA, you can decide which fields to see on the form. 


Contact us to schedule a demo and see the new form


If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant in our partner program, then speak to your DOKKA account manager today, so they can demo how to use these new features.

The DOKKA team is working tirelessly to make DOKKA the best system possible. Our Pre-Accounting module uses state of the art technology. We’re adding more features and servicing a growing number of accounting systems. The Document Management System, not offered by most Pre-Accounting services, puts us a cut above the rest. The DMS lets you store everything in one place that is also linked to your accounting system. As good as it is, we’re adding more features here as well.

But this isn’t enough for us. We’re adding new modules to DOKKA as well. The bank statement module is operational in a beta release, and getting better every day. There’s more coming too! Keep reading to see what we’ve released recently.

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