Can paying creditors be more simple?

Can paying creditors be more simple

The solution of automating accounts payables to make your life easier. 

Happy vendors and suppliers are key to a successful business. Automating processes is one of the best tools you can have to manage your accounts payable. 

Our team has spent countless hours, researching, developing, and testing workflows to empower organizations and provide much-needed precision and time-saving solutions.

Automating Accounts Payable is that much simpler due to the advanced AI that is built into the foundation of DOKKA’s solution

What are the challenges of accounts payable?

Manually keeping up to date with invoices, and other accounting processes can be somewhat difficult. Let’s look at some reasons why:

  • Processing of invoices is a slow and time-consuming exercise
  • Natural human error can result in incorrect capturing of data
  • Invoices can go missing or double payments can be created, and
  • The need for manual communication, follow-ups and approvals

Just to name a few. 

We know and understand your frustration. The good news is that it is now simple to upgrade your processes and add value to your business straight away. 

It’s time to make your job less admin and more value-adding

When it comes down to it, as described in an overview for the Levvel’s 2021 Payables Insight Report,

“Accounts Payable stands out as a process that is both vital to a business and difficult to manage without the proper tools.”

Major Bottoms Jr.
Senior Research Consultant

Automating accounts payable, offers so much value, not only to accountants or the finance department of a business but to entire operations. This is because the tools are specifically designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity; which in turn gives you greater control of your tasks.

Our experience has shown that manual operations result in inefficient use of budgets and resources, while automated workflows reduce costs and improve a company’s bottom line. This is true no matter the size and structure of an organization, or the ERP software it uses. 

So why should you use accounts payable automation?

By harnessing the power of automation, a business can only gain value. The benefits of an automated process include:

  • Effective invoice management: Getting your vendors and suppliers onboard and increasing the percentage of invoices submitted digitally, allows the inital steps of the process to already be more productive. The intuitive visual recognition and data extraction that an automated solution offers, makes capturing the invoices that much easier. Smart search and tags then turns your entire document storage into an organized file management system.
  • Improved workflow communication: Essential aspects of account payables include the document discussions and queries. Account payables automation ensures effortless communication of discrepancies and offers simplified approval processes, all on a specific document and within one system. The need to reach out to clients via phone calls or emails and attempt to handle inefficiencies is completely improved in an automated environment.
  • Accelerated turnaround times: Every step of the process in an automated system is optimized to save time. The speed at which the AI (Artificial Intelligence) reads and converts a document and feeds the information back into your ERP system, is far to superior and less time consuming than any human can achieve.

How we can help

While there are many solutions out there, DOKKA’s automation software has been developed with a unique approach to simplifying accounts payable. The technology used continuously improves itself for your specific business requirements and understands any language. DOKKA offers you an optimized digital process to provide end-to-end accounts payable workflow cycles to improve the tracking and payment of supplier invoices.

Your relationship with your work, as well as your relationships with clients has just become a whole lot more efficient and streamlined. Paying creditors can actually be simple.

If you would like to find out more about DOKKA, including more on how it works and why you should consider this popular solution, then please click here.

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