Accounts Payable Automation for QuickBooks

Automate your accounts payable with a powerful platform that directly integrates into both QBO and QBD. Automate journal entries, approval flows and establish a centralized document management, with one single app. 

How It Works

Start using it in 7 days

DOKKA and Quickbooks are connected through a secure API. The setup is quick and you can get going in 1 week. Once the integration is completed, you'll be able to log in, add companies and team members to your account and immediately get started with automating redundant, manual work.

Automate invoice processing

Import your AP documents into the app using email, proprietary mobile app, office scanner or a manual upload. Our AI-powered system maps the data fields from the invoices (including scanned ones) and creates recommended entry recommendations. You just have to review.

Streamline Approvals

Stop chasing around for approvals once and for all. Using DOKKA, you can easily add as many people as you want into the approval chain and take control over your entire approval process. Your approvers will be notified in the specific order you added them.

Overview of Core Features

Automated Invoice Collection

DOKKA automatically imports documents from email, office scanner, proprietary mobile app, csv and even WhatsApp and organizes them for you.

Automated Approval Workflows

Set custom invoice approval workflows and the system will automatically send approval requests to relevant people based on the data in the invoices.

Automated Journal Entries

DOKKA posts AP journal entries in your accounting software with no human intervention. All you have to do is review and approve.

Smart Document Management

Invoices are automatically processed into journal entry recommendations, while all other documents are stored in the secure, cloud-based archive.

2-Way & 3-Way Matching

Reconcile between purchase orders, goods receipts and invoices, with immediate visualization of discrepancies. 

Line Item Extraction

Import line items from a document into a journal entry recommendation, in one click of a button.

Google-like Search

Find any document within seconds, just by searching for keywords that appear inside it.

Chat, Comment & Tag

Get your team on the same page quickly and chat over specific documents, add comments or tags and much more.

Audit Trail

Documented history of all activities in your DOKKA account, allowing you to trace back every journal entry to its source.

Integrated With Leading
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