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Why is Instant Bookkeeping Entries important? I remember when we started DOKKA, we began working with a desktop accounting package in a small country that is only used by Bookkeeping companies in that country. We were solving a very real need for those bookkeepers, and we quickly started saving them a large amount of time, and a fair amount of aggravation.

Word started spreading about how we were different to other OCR and data extraction tools. With nearly every other data extraction tool, the software needs to read the language in order to figure out which data to extract. Or it extracts all the data in an unstructured format. DOKKA’s technology is totally different, and is language agnostic, knowing where to extract the right data on each document, without having to understand the language.

We started getting enquiries from accounting companies and businesses around the world. 

We were excited, but this also presented a problem. There isn’t one accounting software solution that is used around the world. There are hundreds catering for so many different segments, including small businesses up to enterprise, different languages, desktop and cloud, and of course feature requirements.

Many businesses and bookkeepers still rely on the good old fashioned pen and paper, or if they are more tech savvy, excel spreadsheets.

So we were getting requests from every angle – bookkeeping companies in Australia that use Reckon1 or Xero, enterprise companies in the UK using SAP & Oracle, small business owners from Jamaica using open-source accounting software TurboCash, US business owners using Quickbooks (both Desktop and the online version) as well as Freshbooks, and tons of Pastel accounting software (part of the SAGE group) enquiries from South Africa!

We analysed the markets as best as we could, and looked at the different accounting software packages being used in each country, and decided that we would integrate with 2 accounting packages to start:

  • Xero, an accounting package from New Zealand, that had created waves in many other countries such as the UK, South Africa, and Australia, and …
  • QBO, the online version of Quickbooks, from the massive Intuit group, which dominated the accounting software space in the USA, and was also used in many other countries around the world.

We also decided that we needed to integrate soon into many other packages, including SAGE, (and there are many different versions of SAGE and Pastel both in country, and across country), Kashflow, FreeAgent, Reckon1, SAP and a number of other accounting software packages.

But over the last few months, we realised that no matter how quickly we integrate, we can’t cater for every bookkeeper and business owner around the world. And we also started getting a LOT of enquiries from bookkeepers and business owners that were using Excel.

So we came up with an innovative plan to cater for everyone no matter how you do your bookkeeping.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our CSV & Excel downloads – resulting in instant bookkeeping entries. Every business and bookkeeper throughout the world, can now use our innovative AI technology to create your bookkeeping / journal entries, and speed up the amount of time you take to do your data processing.

How it works:

  • Upload your starting data if you want (vendors, GST / Tax rates, GL codes, Bank accounts etc) into DOKKA (although we’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you, so even this step isn’t necessary)
  • Upload a document into the DOKKA platform
  • Check immediately that you’re happy with the bookkeeping journal entry that is created instantly
  • If you spot something that isn’t right, use our “drag and drop” methodology to fix it immediately (and of course our system will become smarter next time you upload a similar document)
  • Now comes the interesting part – approve the journal entry. (but of course, because you haven’t connected to one of the accounting software packages we have integrated with, you won’t be pushing the journal entry anywhere – yet)
  • When you’re ready, display on the screen the documents you want to download bookkeeping entries for
  • Click the CSV / Excel download link, and you’ll have your report ready to export into your accounting software, or to start using

Sounds easy? It is! And it will save you a huge amount of time, in addition to keeping in mind that you’re creating a smart document management system of all your financial documentation at the same time.

Want one more feature to make it even easier and quicker? Give us your requirements for your CSV or Excel file, and we’ll add it to your login, so when you download, you can download the bookkeeping journal entries in the exact format you want.

So now, we have bookkeepers throughout the world using DOKKA no matter what accounting software they use, and even if they do their bookkeeping in excel or with pen and paper.

And the most important thing about instant bookkeeping entries! We’re saving people even more time. 

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