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When it comes to maintaining the health of your business, money-in is the nutrition that keeps its vitals functioning. It stands to reason, then, that a close eye needs to be lent to that business bottom line at all times, to ensure that all credits given, services rendered, and products supplied, are paid for in full and on time.

DOKKA offers cutting-edge receivables automation, and through digitization of your accounts, can keep track of the money owed to your business, so you get paid on time.

But how? Well, simply by adding an automated capability to your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Introducing DOKKA accounting automation.

Receivables Automation
Receiving payments is so simple with digitization and automation

Introduction to DOKKA accounts receivables automation

Automation, here, is the operative word.

DOKKA’s smart, teachable artificial intelligence gives you an all-encompassing view, and a far-reaching control of the accounts receivable functions of your accounting processes.

This fundamentally hinges on the automation that can be applied to creating and sending invoices, and recording and tracking payments, for an eagle-eye on money owed, and the increase in cash flow that that control can ensure.

You’ll always know what’s owed to you, with DOKKA’s smart accounts receivable automation.

Why should you be using DOKKA automated accounts receivables software for your business?

The DOKKA accounts receivable automation capability, helps you keep track of your bottom line – but how?

Using intuitive data that’s gathered from your business’s invoicing structure through the add-on, you can see:

  • How much you’re owed monthly from products supplied or services rendered
  • How much customers and clients still owe you payment, by month
  • How long customers and clients have owed you payment
  • Which customers and clients owe you the most
  • All due dates for outstanding invoices

The benefits of DOKKA’s receivables automation

The accounts receivables side of your accounting capability is the lodestone of your enterprise’s fiscal department.

It’s around this operation, in fact, that the continued momentum of your business revolves – to pay your people, your suppliers, and your overheads, you must be paid in turn. And those payments must be tracked and chased with regularity.

So, what does DOKKA’s automation in this regard, lend your business’s accounts receivables department, to ensure you get paid, and paid on time?


With DOKKA’s receivables automation, you can rely on the clinical accuracy of automation, where the software reconciles incoming payments, tracks money owed, and gathers all information as data that helps you better understand your business’s accounts receivable requirements.

One solution

Through automation, everything is in one place, on an easy-to-read dashboard – track income, expenses, and money owed, so that you perpetually maintain insight into the health of your bottom line. And what’s more, DOKKA plugs directly into your existing ERP, for seamless integration within the digitization of every other function of your enterprise.

DOKKA accounting automation isn’t simply an add-on to your ERP for smoother money management. It’s a pioneering capability for your business. A digitization that’ll only improve your organization’s money matters. What’s more, it’s smart AI that effectively reduces costs through time saved, and the doing-away of manual data entry. 

Request a callback, switch to DOKKA, and harness the power of AI for better accounting, and better business.

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