Making Bookkeeping a Breeze – The Benefits of Paperless Documentation

The ‘paperless’ office is one embracing the newly minted ‘green’ protocol. It’s a noble new administrative pursuit that sees the necessity of removing forest-harming paper wastage coming to the fore as the new directive in modern business. But there’s another very beneficial side-effect to the paperless system that many deem as secondary – and particularly in departments like the accounting division. Now, going paperless means effectively automating processes. And apart from just making systems more efficient, there are a number of benefits to embracing systems that use paperless documentation and automation. So, let’s obviously stay with the accounting department, and talk about how paperless document management can be a nearly limitless benefit to your business.

A paperless system is the way of the future

There are many benefits of paperless documentation. Some of the specific benefits of paperless documentation include:

  • Reduced paper waste: A paperless system can help to dramatically reduce paper waste in the office. This can be a huge benefit for businesses that are looking to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Improved efficiency: Paperless processes can help to improve efficiency in the workplace. This can lead to time savings and increased productivity.
  • Enhanced security: A paperless management system can help to enhance security by reducing the risk of lost or stolen documents. Electronic document management systems typically include features such as password protection and data encryption, which can help to keep your documents safe and secure.
  • Greater flexibility: Paperless systems offer greater flexibility than traditional paper-based systems. For example, paperless document management systems often allow for documents to be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This can be a major advantage for businesses that need to be able to access their documents from multiple locations.
  • Reduced error: A paperless system is essentially an automated system. This means that human involvement in the data capturing side of accounting is unnecessary, and so error, overall, is reduced, ensuring more accurate bookkeeping.

The DOKKA way

DOKKA’s pioneering accounting automation software plugs directly into your existing enterprise resource management system, and immediately catalogs working and outstanding invoices into one seamless ecosystem.

Here’s how it works:

DOKKA syncs effortlessly and once integrated, you get a host of features for better accounting, within an entirely paperless system:

1. Upload documents easily

And there are a number of ways you can do this:

Drag and drop

Any digital format will do.


Scan documents directly to the system.


DOKKA’s smart AI automatically captures attachments in emails and then files them to the system. There they’re extracted and added to the workspace.


In our easy-to-use mobile app, take a photo of your document and upload it directly to your dashboard. 

2. Get better with big data

Insight and data are automatically captured by DOKKA through AI learning that recognizes your information:

Approve and send

All data from uploaded documents is automatically extracted and added to a digital template. All you need to do is approve and send.

Drag and drop, copy and paste

If the information that is populated is not correct, you can drag and drop, or copy and paste data to the right fields. 

Duplication prevention

DOKKA’s intuitive learning means that every duplicate document on the system will be quickly identified – a warning of any duplicates will be sent to you or your accountant as an alert.

A digital archive in the cloud

You get document storage and management that’s entirely digitized:

The cloud

Store data, retrieve documents, and access account information anywhere, anytime with secure cloud storage capabilities.

Virtual folders

Create virtual folders to arrange and manage files, and for lightning-quick retrieval of data.

Document tags

Assign digital labels and tags to files and documents for better and more effective accounting.

Manage pages

Combine, edit and organize pages and files in the cloud:


Merge pages, use digital paper clips, or cluster pages under one transaction – just like in hard copy, only now at the click of a mouse button, and at the preservation of countless trees.


Split your documents into single pages.


Add files, remove pages, and sort documents – no more printing, paper wastage, or manual data entry needed.


Download and export files when needed.

Smart search functionality

Just like searching a filing cabinet, only quicker and smarter:

Search bar

In the search bar, type a single word related to the document, and DOKKA’s smart, Google-like search function will find the information you need.

Date filter

Use any of the various date filters in our smart data retrieval functions, for faster recall of processed, and working invoices.

The paperless office is the office of the future. And its benefits are felt more significantly within a business’s accounting department, more than any other. So, if you haven’t established paperless documentation as the main directive in your accounting endeavors, you could risk being bogged down by outdated processes and becoming stagnant in your industry. So, for efficiency, safety, reduced error, and a reduced carbon footprint, to boot, request a callback from DOKKA now, to build our accounting automation into your accounts department.

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