Drag & Drop Multiple Word Functionality

DOKKA New Feature Showcase

Want to be able to drag multiple words from a document into a bookkeeping entry? The dev team have been hard at work once again.

If you’re a regular DOKKA user, you’re going to love this enhancement to our platform.

Drag & Drop invoice functionality

So just so everyone is on the same page, when you’re looking at a document that requires a bookkeeping journal entry in the DOKKA platform, DOKKA will automatically (and we mean automatically – not minutes or hours – but in seconds, using advanced AI, Machine Learning & Visual Recognition technology) create the bookkeeping entry.

But sometimes, (and we are getting more and more accurate, but no technology is perfect), the Bookkeeper will need to do a manual adjustment or add some extra data to the bookkeeping journal entry before it is approved.

There are a number of scenarios:

  1. The incorrect information has been entered into the bookkeeping journal entry – as i previously wrote, this happens very infrequently, as the accuracy rate of DOKKA is extremely high. (but it does happen, so we needed to cater for it)
  2. You might want to override the correct information – ie: every document in the past you had a VAT rate of 15%, and you don’t want to change the VAT rate, but for this particular document,  you want it to be 14%
  3. You might want additional information in the description column’s (and remember DOKKA currently supports up to 50 line items per document, so you might want a huge amount of information in this particular field)

There are 2 ways that you could do this in the past:

  1. Manually edit the cell in the bookkeeping journal entry spreadsheet. This is quick and easy for numbers, and some people prefer to use this method for data corrections
  2. Use our “Drag & Drop” methodology for dragging numbers and text from the document into the bookkeeping entry. 

When bookkeepers start using this functionality for the first time in DOKKA, they often get a huge smile on their faces, and describe this drag and drop technology as magic. And it is pretty close! 

It’s very cool, highlighting a word or number, using your mouse or trackpad, and dragging it from one side of the screen to another, and then watch the entire bookkeeping journal entry instantly change.

Multiple words and sentences in the Drag & Drop

So the change that has been made might appear small, but it is a timesaver. 

Up to now, when moving text from the document to the bookkeeping journal entry, the drag and drop functionality only supported one word at a time.

But with this change, you can now highlight multiple words, or a sentence, or even multiple sentences, and drag the entire group of words, or the sentence, or sentences instantly into the description or reference column into the bookkeeping journal entry.

So if you have a document with 50 line items, each with a intricate text description, and you want all this information captured both in DOKKA and your accounting software, this new change to our drag and drop method, makes it easy to quickly get this done.

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