New DOKKA Features for Xero & QBO Users

DOKKA New Feature Showcase

Remember that we are 100% customer feature focussed, which means that we’re listening to the requirements of DOKKA users, and hearing what they want us to develop or enhance next on the DOKKA platform, and then we prioritize those requests and release them as quickly as possible.

So if you’re a DOKKA user, and you haven’t yet told us what you want added / fixed / enhanced etc, or if you’re a soon-to-be-DOKKA customer, and you’re waiting for a specific feature before you join our platform, then chat to us today, so we can hear what you want.

And let us develop some smart document management & date extraction magic for you!

Now onto the exciting new developments for the last week.

* Drum Roll * <In no particular order>

QBO customers can set default accounts and taxes.

DOKKA is integrated into the quickbooks online QBO accounting software, and customers can set accounts and taxes

Obviously with DOKKA, the power of the platform is that it’s constantly learning your requirements, and adapting accordingly. So if you upload a document and set a specific account or tax rate, DOKKA will learn your specific company requirements, and next time a similar document is uploaded, it will now how to handle the document.

With this change on QBO, DOKKA will understand your preferences even before it learns. You can think about this change similar to when you get a new mobile phone contract, and they ask you for your 5 favourite callers.

By spending a few seconds setting your default accounts, DOKKA will become even more powerful for you.

Xero customers can specify the documents publishing status (drafts / submitted / authorized).

The DOKKA accounting automation platform is integrated into accounting software platform Xero, and Xero customers can publish status.

We’ve had many requests from Xero customers to allow documents to go into draft, so there are going to be a lot of happy faces reading this.

Documents can now be published into Draft!

Customers can now customize their company email box.

When we started, we allowed customers to create their own unique emails where documents can get forwarded to. Most customers took either their company name (if there were multiple people working in the company), but if there was 1 person in the company, they often used their name.

And sometimes the email they used was just their first name.

This caused problems in 2 ways. Either they duplicated names that other people had already created, or they took reserved names that DOKKA intended to use later on.

DOKKA provides each company with a unique email address where documents, both financial, and non-financial, can be forwarded.

So we changed the unique emails to be numbers instead, and there was an outcry (call it a riot if you want) from our customers, who wanted the old method back, as they found it far easier to have customized emails rather than a computer generated number sequence.

So we’ve figured out a way of making everyone happy.

  1. We are using a unique domain for the email forwarding that DOKKA doesn’t need to use internally
  2. We generate a unique number automatically
  3. We allow the users to change the unique number to any word they want provided it hasn’t been used in the past. 

So similar to reserving your name on Facebook or Linkedin, it’s now first come first serve to reserve your favourite email addressed for DOKKA. 

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