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DOKKA New Feature Showcase

Welcome to this week’s update! I know that in the past I’ve said that it’s important to be precise and efficient. Well, here’s another principle. When working with other people, communication is key! At Dokka we want to make communication as easy possible, so let me tell you about the


I admit, the chat feature is nothing new. But let me tell you about it, including some new additions and fixes.

The chat is internal to Dokka, home grown and hosted. Here’s how to use it. Click on the Chat button on the left of the screen. The Chat window will slide out.

Chat collaboration is now possible with the DOKKA chat functionality

 Click on the person with whom you want to chat. This can be someone in your company, a client, bookkeeper, accountant, auditor, etc. 

If the chat was opened on the Workspace, it is a general chat, but if if you open the chat on a specific document, the chat is attached to that file. You can have an entire conversation about the document with it open in front of you. Now you can resolve the issue without separate emails, attaching documents multiple times, etc.

When a chat is sent, the recipient sees the chat button flashing orange on his/her screen. If the user is on mobile, s/he will get a mobile notification.

Here’s where it gets better… the Dokka support team is part of your team. You can send us a question right from the chat. We try to answer right away, just like your co-workers and clients.

We’ve added some safeguards, so that if the internet slows down the chat won’t be dropped. Instead you’ll get a little message telling you that the internet is wonky and we’re trying to restore the connection.

Bug Fixes

 We also fixed a number of little issues that crept in somehow. I’ll spare you the details, since it’s technobabble that most of us don’t speak. Rest assured that we are working day and night to keep Dokka stable while adding new features. 


Some people use Windows. Others use Mac. Then there are the quiet few that use Linux. In our effort to make Dokka as stable and user-friendly as possible we have enabled Chromium. Now you can use DOKKA on Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium. Safari and Internet Explorer are in the works.

That’s it for now. I wish you all a great week!

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