Drag Your Customers Right Into Your Books

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This time we have big news! The DOKKA infrastructure has gotten a huge intelligence upgrade. Now it’s smarter than ever. And this allows you to…


Until now DOKKA let you drag-n-drop into text fields, but not into dropdown lists. That’s changed! Now you can drag the name of a vendor/customer/etc from the document right into the list. If the vendor is not already in the list, a box will open where you can make sure the name is correct and enter it into DOKKA and your accounting system.

This is a two-for-one. Drag-n-drop AND easier adding of new vendors.

Even better, DOKKA has learned where to find the vendor’s name for next time. So when you upload the next document from this vendor, the name will already be in the bookkeeping entry! This will save you so much time you’ll be able to take bathroom breaks during tax season!

In addition, the dropdown lists are sorted in alphabetical order AND you can search in the list. Gone are the days where you need to scroll through the entire chart of accounts. Now you can start typing and watch the account pop up.

QuickBooks Integration and money

We tweaked the integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) so that the fields will be more uniform. We pull in the currency from QBO. If you want to set or change the currency for your vendors, select it in QBO. While we’re talking about currency, DOKKA now recognizes all currencies! Even better, the system will work even faster.

Sticky Notes Everywhere!

Sticky notes are an essential part of bookkeeping. This has been true since they were invented in 1977. And this continues into the digital age and beyond. Soon we’ll see robots writing notes and sticking them to themselves for later.

DOKKA’s Sticky Notes used to be internal to DOKKA. Now they are going to be imported into QuickBooks Online and Xero AND exported to Excel. Your notes will accompany the bookkeeping entries into the books for posterity, accuracy, and full understanding.

And, finally for this blog post…

Digital Signatures

We’ve extended the digital signing feature within DOKKA to continue include documents from Microsoft Office. Now you can vouch for those awesome Excel sheets full of numbers.

Have a great weekend. There’s more cool stuff coming out of the pipeline. Stay tuned to more updates!

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