Sync, Sign, and Tag

DOKKA New Feature Showcase

Sync DOKKA with your Accounting Program

DOKKA integrates with Xero and Quickbooks Online. We synch your vendors, Chart of Accounts, VAT/Tax Rates, and more each time you log into DOKKA. That way everything is consistent. We pull from your accounting software and save new information there as well (new vendors and, obviously, the transactions that you record). Now you can force DOKKA to re-synch. This way, if you make a change in your ERP while processing a document, you can refresh and see the changes. Just click the Sync icon at the top of the screen.

Financial Documents with digital signatures

Digital Signatures

Keeping financial documents secure and authentic is increasingly difficult in our digital world. Some countries requires certain levels of digital signatures. DOKKA has supported this for some time. But the authentication stamps were on the document whether you wanted to see them or not. Now you can toggle them on and off. A signed document is still signed, just your view is changed. To toggle the signature view, simply click the checkbox on the bottom of the screen.


View Your Tags

Tagging is a major feature in DOKKA. Now you can view the tags on-demand. In the Workspace view, just hold the mouse pointer over the document and you will see your tags.

Tags on financial documentation

You’ll Be Warned

If you want to Accept a document into DOKKA that is not ready for some reason, we’ll let you know why. A notification will pop-up on your screen if there is a problem with the Bookkeeping Entry. We’ve had some confusion due to lack of information. Now you’ll know why a document is not accepted right into your accounting software.

That’s enough for one post. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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