Invoicing automation – Using smart AI for better business processes

Invoicing automation – Using smart AI for better business processes

‘Accounts payable’ – there’s seldom a more actionable header that pops into your, or your accountant’s, inbox. Invoicing, for the most part, can be somewhat of an added slog to a day-to-day – it often means more paperwork, more filing, more data entry, and simply more time. 

Wouldn’t it be great to automate the process, and get it all done in a couple of mouse clicks?  

Introduction to DOKKA invoice processing software

DOKKA has that solution. Our software is driven by teachable artificial intelligence (AI). Once integrated with your accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) program, DOKKA extracts, populates, and manages your invoice data, readying payments so that you simply have to check the info, and submit. 

Each transaction is then uploaded to your ERP software as a specified file, that’s archived and easily retrievable.

Why should you be using the DOKKA invoice automation solution for your business?

There’s a very tangible overall tone in modern society today, and especially business – hyperconnectivity. We’ve never before been more ‘always-on’, agile in response, and plugged into a worldwide network that demands faster responses and quicker solutions every day. And so, to ensure that we can all shuck and jive, and keep up with the demands of a modern, digital world, we’ve needed to bring automation into many areas of life. And perhaps no area more so, than in our businesses, careers, livelihoods. It’s really the only way to stay relevant and stay in business.

But how does DOKKA’s accounting automation address this, and why should you be clicking for a callback from us right now? 

Less invoice processing errors

Manual data entry isn’t needed, so the errors that can come with it are reduced – this means no wrong amounts, no wrong dates, and no more late payments or missing invoices. DOKKA’s AI learns as you upload invoices, picking up inconsistencies and automatically correcting errors, for more accurate payments, and less time wastage.

Savings on time

Invoicing automation frees up your vital resources. This means that by reducing the time your team spends on invoicing, and the manual data entry required, you can reduce labor costs. So, the less time they spend on processing invoices, the more productive they can be with their other tasks. A more efficient staff contingent is always better for profitability.

Vital business insights from better data

Invoicing automation has a very useful byproduct – data.

As soon as a facet to a business process is digitized, data regarding that process automatically starts to gather. This rich pool of insights is valuable for any business – with it, information not previously available can be used to refine and streamline operational structures.

For example, when regarding automated invoice processing, the data that comes with it can give valuable insight into accounts payable and your business’s accounting structures. This may include, who pays you on time, and who doesn’t, who you buy from most often, and how you can better streamline your accounting to pay accounts faster and easier.

Knowledge gleaned from this rich data lets you be agile and adaptable when tackling anything ‘accounts payable.’ And that’s a recipe for better business.

Get started by signing up for a demo

DOKKA’s smart AI is fully compatible with most accounting platforms, including SAP Business One, Priority, Intuit QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero. Once it’s integrated, DOKKA starts learning your processes and preferences immediately, so the shift to invoicing automation is seamless.

Click here to request a callback, and we’ll get you started straight away.

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