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DOKKA’s accounting automation software adds value to your business instantly. With its powerful but simple-to-use AI technology, DOKKA’s accounting system will transport your business into the future by eliminating the need for your staff to carry out repetitive, tedious, manual account management. DOKKA’s accounting automation solution does everything automatically, including integration, so that you can redirect your staff’s talents to optimize other areas of your business.

When choosing the best accounting automation software for your business, one of the most important features you need for seamless accounting success is software with the ability to effectively integrate with other platforms. An inability to integrate with other platforms will cost you time and consequently money, as information sharing and business productivity are hampered by systems that are unable to integrate. If there is no integration between platforms, your resources get expended as your staff have to fill the gap with manual data entry, which can result in accounting errors. This is what sets our DOKKA accounting automation solution apart as DOKKA offers seamless integration with ERP and accounting systems.

Accounting software integration gives you big benefits as you no longer have to concern yourself with manual data entry and data transferring, outdated accounting data, or repetitive tasks. That’s why our DOKKA accounting automation solution is software to get excited about as it offers seamless integration with another cloud accounting software giant, Xero! Our DOKKA platform fully integrates with Xero’s payment cloud solution with ease, for an AI accounting collaboration that is so seamless, it may bring a tear of joy to your accountant’s eye. But let’s dive into a little more detail and explore how the DOKKA Xero integration works.

How does the DOKKA Xero payment integration work?

The DOKKA Xero payment integration allows for next-level accounting collaboration as the integration capabilities connect the two systems to allow for the smooth transfer of data between the two platforms. The DOKKA Xero payment integration adds a new dynamic of ease and efficiency to accounting processes as you are able to access your Xero data in DOKKA, and financial data flows from DOKKA into Xero already indexed and processed. Now that you have a better idea of how the DOKKA Xero payment integration works, here are some more of the awesome benefits this software collaboration gifts to you.

What are some of the benefits of the DOKKA accounting automation integration with Xero payment?

DOKKA’s complete integration with Xero payment makes for a happy accountant, and here are some of the reasons why. The DOKKA Xero payment integration gives you:

  • Data syncing – when you log into DOKKA, all your accounting data such as your contacts and the chart of accounts, are synced between the two platforms. Synced data means that your data and information will match across the two platforms, increasing data accuracy. And with automated syncing every few hours, you can rest assured that the information is up to date.
  • Improved efficiency – with accounting, everyone having quick access to information is a must. The DOKKA Xero payment integration allows for improved efficiency as it replaces the need to tediously navigate several platforms or systems with the simplicity of a single system feel, through DOKKA’s seamless integration with Xero payment.
  • Time saving – accounting software that does not integrate with other platforms is a financial record nightmare as your staff will have to spend a significant amount of time manually transferring your financial data from one platform to another, which could also result in some human errors. This headache is a thing of the past, with the DOKKA Xero payment integration all your data is synced between DOKKA and Xero so that your staff can focus their abilities in other areas of the business.

DOKKA’s accounting automation software fully integrates with Xero’s payment solution for an accounting software collaboration that will make financial management a breeze. This software innovation was developed to make managing your work a seamless, automated process. Accounting does not need to be a drag. Let our software solution show you just how simple automated accounting software integration can be.

For more on how DOKKA can give you everything you need to collect, process, and archive invoices and bill efficiently, click here.

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