Xero AP Automation

Automate your Xero accounts payable with a powerful add-on that directly integrates into your accounting system. DOKKA helps you automate journal entries, approval flows and establish a centralized document management, with one single app. 

xero ap automation

How It Works

Integrates in 1 week

DOKKA and Xero are connected through a secure API. The setup is quick and, as we have many Xero customers, you can get going in 1 week. Once the integration is completed, you'll be able to log in, add companies and team members to your account and immediately get started with automating redundant, manual work.

Automates journal entries

Import your AP documents into the app using email, proprietary mobile app, office scanner and manual upload. Our AI-powered system maps the data from the invoices (including scanned ones) into journal entry recommendations. After you review and approve, the transaction together with the file will be created and uploaded into Xero.

Streamlines approvals

Stop chasing around for approvals once and for all. Using DOKKA, you can easily add as many people as you want into the approval chain and take control over your entire approval process. Your approvers will be notified in the specific order you added them, but you can always set custom rules. Our AI learns and improves over time.

Additional Features

Google-like Search

Search all documents (even the scanned ones) for keywords and find what you need in seconds

4-way import option

Easily import documents into DOKKA through email, office scanner, mobile app or a regular drag & drop

Works in Any Language

DOKKA is language agnostic and you can even use it to translate text directly in the app

Intuitive, Out Of the Box

Even non tech-savvy people know how to use DOKKA as it's laid out similar to popular email apps

Virtual Desk-like Experience

Just like your desk, DOKKA lets you split, merge, staple and organize documents to your liking

Audit Trail

Step by step, chronological record of all activities in your DOKKA account

Integrated With Leading Accounting Software