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Make use of these powerful  automation features to enhance your workflow and improve your business from start to finish. 

Upload Documents

Use any method that suits you to add your documents to the system.

  • Traditional upload with drag and drop
    Add any digital file with a standard upload document feature. Use the drag and drop option instead of selecting your files.

  • Scanning
    Scan any document directly into the system in digital format.

  • Email
    Using a customized email address, send the file via email to automatically be captured in the system. Attachments to emails are automatically pulled into the system therefore no downloading and uploading is required. In addition, the system can extract a document from an unprotected link within an email. For ease of reference, notes in the body of the email are automatically added to the workspace.

  • Mobile app
    Take a photo of your document using the mobile app.
Capture Data Feature

Capture Data

Automatically create financial entries and accurately capture data with intuitive visual recognition software and AI learning.

  • Approve
    Data is automatically extracted from every document and captured into the digital template. Simply approve that all data inputs are correct.

  • Drag to a template or copy and paste
    Occasionally the software may not pick up something correctly. Machine learning, however, means that you only need to provide one example of the required output and it will understand all similar documentation it receives from then on. Use the drag to template feature to drag the data to the correct point on the template. Or simply copy and paste the correct information.

  • Duplicate Warning
    Receive an alert when there is a duplication of data captured in the system. 

Maintain a Digital Archive

Store and manage documents and files electronically in a secure digital environment. 

  • Cloud storage
    Store data virtually and retrieve documents using secure cloud access.

  • Virtual folders
    Create folders to arrange and manage all files.

  • Document tags
    Assign labels to files and documents for easier access and more effective document management. 
Maintain a Digital Archive Feature
Manage Pages Feature

Manage Pages

Combine, edit and organize pages and files.  

  • Combine
    Merge two or more pages into a single document. Or use the digital paper clip and group pages, documents, and files together.

  • Edit
    Split your documents into single pages.

  • Organize
    Sort documents and files to add or remove pages.

  • Export
    Download or export files when required.


Make use of smart search functionality for fast data retrieval.

  • Search bar
    Type a single word from an invoice or the title of the document you want to find. The google-like search function will find any data you enter.

  • Date filter
    Use any of the various date filters to find a document.

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