Smarter Way to Manage Your Invoicing Process

DOKKA’s proprietary engine is a combination of Enhanced OCR and Machine Learning. It accurately automates the most tedious of tasks in AP, centralizes document management and streamlines approval flows. Simply put, it’s one app that makes both your ERP and your team faster and more productive.

Process an Invoice in 7 Seconds

What if you could process an invoice in 7 seconds, instead of 5 minutes? DOKKA lets you do just that. It scans incoming invoices and automatically maps the data into journal entry recommendations. All that’s left for you to do is push the button and send the invoice straight into your accounting software. This means less manual work, lower margin of error and a happier team. 

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One App to Make Your Invoice Management Smooth

It’s time to put a stop to over-complexity. You only need one app to make your AP workflows smooth. 

Core Features

Auto-Invoice Processing

Accurate and fast transaction data entry, amplified by proprietary OCR and Machine Learning

Approval Flows

Add as many people as you want into the approval chain and the app will notify them on your behalf

Document Management

All of your invoices and bills in one, centralized place that's built for productivity

Chat, Comment & Tag

Get your team on the same page quickly and chat over specific documents, add comments or tags

Email Thread Import

DOKKA pulls the email thread that came with each invoice so you always have context

Mark as Paid or Not Paid

Easily mark the document as Paid and Not Paid, for instant insight and collaboration

Intuitive, Out Of the Box

Even non tech-savvy people know how to use DOKKA as it's laid out similar to popular email apps

Virtual Desk-like Experience

Just like your desk, DOKKA lets you split, merge, staple and organize documents to your liking

Audit Trail

Step by step, chronological record of all activities in your DOKKA account

Document Search

Search all documents (even the scanned ones) for keywords and find what you need in seconds

4-way import

Easily import documents into DOKKA through email, office scanner, mobile app or a regular drag & drop

Works in Any Language

DOKKA is language agnostic and you can even use it to translate text directly in the app

Automate manual and repetitive work, and simplify your accounting operations with DOKKA

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