Smart AP Automation,
Happy Clients

DOKKA is a next-generation AP automation platform that helps accounting firms streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and ultimately – elevate client satisfaction and retention.

Automate Manual, Time-Intensive Tasks

Industry-leading AI capabilities enable DOKKA to read and understand everything on an invoice. This ensures data extraction accuracy at the highest level, making all information indexed, searchable, and easy to find, all the while creating entries for you.

Centralize Document Management

Advanced document management capabilities that give you unmatched flexibility around managing your documents: clip them together or split them up, collaborate and chat. Plus, get a full audit trail for every single document. 

Scale Your Practice Without Stress

The platform subscription starts at R7200 per month. Unlike our competitors, we offer an affordable implementation fee, plus we charge based on the volume of processed documents, not the number of clients. This allows you to scale your business freely without worrying about unexpected pricing changes. 

Your Colleagues

With DOKKA, there’s no fluff. We work with accounting firms to develop our platform, focusing on features that offer substantial and practical benefits for your practice.

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Izzi Rosenberg

Practice Manager at Harris Rosenberg

“DOKKA’s built-in AI efficiently reads nearly every text on a document, a powerful feature I haven’t experienced with any other AP systems.”

Josh Johnson

CPA Partner at Brooks Keret

“Working on DOKKA has lifted the bar in efficiency and brought Brooks-Keret Financial Management to the frontier of Bookkeeping.”

Pierre Dixon

Owner at Real Time Accounting

“We have seen a significant improvement with the use of DOKKA, specifically with regards to the uploading and storage of relevant documents, as this is now totally visible to the client.”

Automated Invoice

Process, record and post a vendor invoice in 10 seconds. DOKKA pulls documents from email and automatically creates a journal entry recommendation. Once you approve, it posts the entry for you in your accounting system and uploads the invoice as an attachment. 

Approval Workflows

Eliminate approval bottlenecks and facilitate faster invoice processing. DOKKA enables you to finally set up a structured approval process in place. Just add approvers into the workflow and let DOKKA do the rest. Using AI, it also recommends approvers for seamless processing. 

Intuitive Virtual
Desk Interface

DOKKA’s Virtual Desk closely mimics your physical workspace, displaying all invoices awaiting processing in an organized, accessible manner. It offers advanced collaboration features like notes, tags, split, merge, chat and more. 

Document Search

Our advanced scanning technology enables instant keyword searches across all your documents for efficient information access. You will literally be able to find any document you want in seconds. 

Financial Close Automation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Between 2-14 days. 

The technical implementation process itself can be accomplished in as little as half an hour, with a relatively brief period of time required for full onboarding, varying between a few days to 2 weeks, depending on your team’s availability.

Our customer support team is available during standard business hours to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Our customer success team will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through installation, setup, and training. And even after the initial setup is complete, you can count on our dedicated customer support team and comprehensive knowledge base for ongoing assistance. 

With DOKKA, the number of documents is never an issue.

Our cloud-based architecture is designed to accommodate and support businesses of all sizes and usage requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for all. Our platform can handle high volume processing with ease, as evidenced by our customers who successfully process tens of thousands of invoices each month with no problems.

Years of refinement have made DOKKA’s algorithm a master at extracting information from documents with accuracy, regardless of language or format.

With millions of processed documents already under its belt, the advanced AI requires no additional training or custom invoice templates. But for extra customization, the platform also offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to map fields to your exact specifications. Enjoy reliable, precise document extraction with DOKKA.

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We’re two-way synced with all major accounting ERPs, and we’re also pulling the Paid and Not Paid invoice status. These statuses get neatly attached to the invoice as a tag, and are easily viewable from within the system.

Yes, DOKKA has a 2-way and 3-way matching capability. It can help you quickly reconcile between invoices, purchase orders and goods receipts. 

Our 2-way and 3-way matching streamlines the invoice processing and payment process by comparing and contrasting vendor invoices with purchase orders and receipts, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies. It improves efficiency and accuracy in your accounts payable system, saving you time and resources.

You’ll be up and running with all of DOKKA’s features and functionalities in just one hour.

With a user-friendly interface, modeled after a physical desk, anyone can navigate and utilize the system with ease, regardless of skill level. Recognized as one of the most intuitive AP systems on the market, DOKKA makes it simple to maximize your AP department’s efficiency.

No, there is no need to setup anything in DOKKA once your integration is finished.

Since DOKKA is two-way synced with your ERP, the information entered in the ERP gets automatically reflected in DOKKA.

The Ultimate Wingman For Your Accounting Practice

Discover how DOKKA can elevate your efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration.