AP Automation for MDA Property Systems

Automate the collection, processing, approvals, reconciliation and archiving of your vendor invoices. 


Integrated with MDA (MRI)

DOKKA and MDA (MRI) are connected through a secure, direct integration, and getting you up and running takes just days. Once the setup is completed, you'll be able to log in, add subsidiaries and team members to your account and immediately get started automating your AP.

Process an invoice in 10 seconds

DOKKA captures invoice data and uses AI and Smart OCR to create journal entry recommendations. The transaction, together with the file will be created and uploaded into MDA (MRI). This completely eliminates the need for manual data entry and streamlines your accounts payable process.

Fast track approvals

Easily add as many people as you want into your approval chain — the approvers will be notified in the specific order, but you can always set custom rules for each vendor. Since DOKKA is AI-based, it learns about your preferences and automatically recommends approvers the next time around.

MDA AP Automation Cost Savings Calculator

The cost difference between manual and automated invoice processing can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the volume of invoices being processed, the hourly wage of the employees processing the invoices, and the cost of the automation software or service.

In general, manual invoice processing tends to be more labor-intensive and time-consuming, leading to higher costs. 

Use the calculator below to see how much you’re currently spending on manual invoice processing and how much you can save with a smart AP automation solution like DOKKA. 

Number of invoices per month:
Average time to process an invoice (in minutes):
Hourly wage: $

Your cost of processing invoices manually is: $

With DOKKA, you can save $ a month.

Other MDA Users Love It


Weinprop Residential uses DOKKA to Save $7,000 a Year on Paper-Related Costs Alone


AJP Group Saves $49,200 a Year with DOKKA’s Accounting Automation Suite


Equites Reduced Workload From 5 days to 2 Days a Week

Core Features

Automated Document Collection

Automatically imports documents from email, office scanner, proprietary mobile app, csv and even WhatsApp.

Automated Approval Flows

Set custom approval flows and the system will automatically send approval requests to relevant people based on the data in the invoices.

Automated Journal Entries

DOKKA records invoices in your accounting journal with no human intervention. All you have to do is review and approve.

Smart Document Management

Invoices are automatically processed into journal entry recommendations, while all other documents are stored in the secure, cloud-based archive.

2-Way & 3-Way Matching

Reconcile between purchase orders, goods receipts and invoices, with immediate visualization of discrepancies. 

Line Item Extraction

Import line items from a document into a journal entry recommendation, in one click of a button.

Works in Any Language

DOKKA is able to process invoices of all languages and formats, and you can even use it to translate text directly on the spot

Chat, Comment & Tag

Get your team on the same page quickly and chat over specific documents, add comments or tags and much more.

Audit Trail

Documented history of all activities in your DOKKA account, allowing you to trace back every journal entry to its source.