DOKKA for SAP Business One

Enhance your accounting operations with DOKKA, the leading solution for midsize and enterprise organizations. Specifically designed for seamless integration with SAP Business One, DOKKA transforms your accounting processes, enabling streamlined task management and strategic growth opportunities.

How DOKKA Makes SAP Business One Better

Accounts Payable

Process vendor invoices in seconds, automate approvals and PO matching. Journal entries get automatically posted in SAP Business One. 

Financial Close

Close your books twice as fast. DOKKA lets you move away from SAP Business One and Excel spreadsheets and manage your close better. 

Teamwork Made

Collaborate effortlessly with your finance team through DOKKA's platform. Share insights, assign tasks, and track progress, while finally moving away from cloud-based drives.

One Central

Stop chasing around for documents. Aggregate all your financial data and tools in one place and deduce multiple platforms into one, while staying audit-ready.

Loved by 3,500+ Finance Teams

Izzi Rosenberg

Practice Manager at Harris Rosenberg

“DOKKA’s built-in AI efficiently reads nearly every text on a document, a powerful feature I haven’t experienced with any other AP systems.”

Jarred Abelson

CFO at Weinprop Residential

“DOKKA basically became another employee. But it’s a lot cheaper than a salary, that’s the benefit.”

Shlomi Birukov

Staff Accountant at Firebolt

“We’re all about saving time, so DOKKA allows me to save time on repetitive work and focus more on high level areas. It’s way faster than NetSuite.”

Josh Johnson

CPA Partner at Brooks Keret

“Working on DOKKA has lifted the bar in efficiency and brought Brooks-Keret Financial Management to the frontier of Bookkeeping.”

Tom Dayagi

Head of Global Finance Apps Operations

“We came to DOKKA because of its market-leading OCR capabilities, but we stayed for the intuitive user interface, approval flows and document management in the cloud”

Hagai Gilad

Corporate Controller at XSightLabs Ltd

“DOKKA will enable your 3 bookkeepers to have the productivity of 6, and your 6 bookkeepers to have the productivity of 12”

Augment Your SAP Business One with DOKKA

Enjoy faster accounting workflows, happier vendors, faster month end close and more accurate books.