DOKKA has the pleasure of announcing Adoram Yarden as the new CEO

Adoram Yarden new DOKKA CEO

DOKKA experienced exponential growth over the past year and has looked into expanding its management team to maintain and accelerate its growth. Emil Zak, founder, and the current company CEO will continue to serve the company as the CTO and head of product.  DOKKA is a global provider of an AI-powered, cloud-based system to automate bookkeeping and accounting processes. The product automates the collection of documents, the extraction of data from invoices, creation of bookkeeping entries, and reconciliations. It integrates with the leading accounting software and enhances the bookkeeper experience with an easy user interface, automation, and machine learning.

About Adoram Yarden

Adoram Yarden was the COO at Operative Media (formerly known as SintecMedia) and the CEO of its subsidiaries. He has led the company’s growth and scaled it into a market leader with 14 branches and more than 1400 employees. “At SintecMedia we created significant growth and the challenge was to manage the company in an ever-changing environment, DOKKA is in a similar situation. My job is to make sure that we maintain and accelerate our growth”, says Yarden. “At DOKKA I found the right team to join – professional, motivated, hi-tech veterans Emil Zak, Eric Edelstein, and Arik Fishbein”. Adoram’s experience, the existing team, and the product-market fit make this collaboration the perfect fit.

DOKKA has appointed Adoram Yarden as the new CEO.


In 2017, we presented our break-through data extraction technology, extraction of data from financial documentation with accuracy and details that other companies just weren’t able to reach. The first implementation is a platform that helps the bookkeeper increase efficiency and makes it easy to process accounts payable. Today, DOKKA works with large accounting and enterprise companies globally. In credit of its language agnostic capabilities, customers range from English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa to non-English speaking countries such as Finland, Israel, Dubai, Hong Kong, Romania, & Georgia.

The Future of DOKKA

DOKKA operates in an exciting space, as the bookkeeping, accounting & auditing industries undergo a massive transformation. DOKKA is expanding its team on all fronts – R&D, sales, and operations. In Adoram’s words, “Our mission statement is to disrupt the world of bookkeeping and accounting with automation and machine learning. Most of the work in the financial sector is still done manually and we are here to revolutionize that. With the current team at DOKKA, the sky is the limit”.

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