Spectrum Medical Doubles Their Invoice Processing Speed With DOKKA


Spectrum Medical entered the global medical device market in 2005, with the launch of its non-invasive diagnostic system. Since then, the company has become a global leader in innovative perfusion systems for ECLS (extracorporeal therapies) and health informatics solutions.

Their range of products includes quantum perfusion systems for ICU units, lightweight quantum transport unit, workstation for data monitoring, ventilators, pumps and other life support equipment.

Spectrum Medical is devoted to providing greater patient safety, better outcomes and improved health economics. Today, the company serves patients and clinicians in over 60 countries.

Quick facts:

  • Headquartered in England, with offices in the US, Italy and Australia
  • 90 employees in the UK
  • 5 people in finance team, 1 AP clerk


In 2018, Spectrum Medical’s AP team was processing around 300 invoices a month. By 2021, that number grew to approximately 700 invoices, adding more manual work to the AP team with each passing year.

At the time, their invoice processing workflow was completely manual:

They used to print invoices on paper, copy them, type the data manually into their ERP and then attach and file the accompanying documents. And as the business was growing, this volume increase was turning into a real challenge for the AP team.

Processing 700 invoices manually was a difficult and time-consuming task, and it became evident that the company needs to make a switch to automated invoice processing to support the growth of the business.


Since DOKKA already had a ready-made integration with Spectrum’s ERP system, their team decided to try DOKKA out, with no strings attached. So, they signed up, went through our simple and quick onboarding process and started automating their workflows in the matter of weeks.

One of their specific concerns was whether DOKKA will be able to work seamlessly with the 3-way matching of invoices in their ERP. The company receives two types of invoices from vendors: the invoices connected to goods receiving vouchers (GRV) and other invoices that are not authorized through the GRV but need to be approved by a specific person or a department.

After they’ve successfully set all of this up with our customer success team and started using DOKKA, Spectrum Medical’s AP team started to use our platform and enjoy their new, automated workflow.

They mainly use DOKKA to capture invoice data and manage approvals, while 3-way matching and payments are finalized in the ERP. DOKKA now allows them to effectively coordinate approval workflows by giving access to managers, the financial director, and everyone else whose invoices are linked. In fact, Spectrum Medical encourages their vendors to send invoices directly to DOKKA for easier and faster processing.

“Before, we just used a paper copy to file it. I would print out the document, and the person who needs to check it would sign, and I would scan it to email and attach the document electronically. With DOKKA I can just tag the person that I want to look at the invoice, they can sign and send me an already approved invoice, so I can post them.”

- Nataliya Garbutt, Accounts Assistant at Spectrum Medical

Biggest Wins

2x Faster Invoice Processing

Before DOKKA, the AP team at Spectrum Medical would have to employ another person just to do the manual data entry. Although the average number of invoices they process in a month is around 700, sometimes it can go up to 1000, and manual entries would consume the majority of the work hours of AP staff members. With DOKKA, the data capture takes only seconds, and allows the team to focus on other important tasks.

Fast and Effective Approvals, Done in Seconds

Manual collection of approvals was time-consuming and very impractical for Spectrum Medical, due to the sheer volume of invoices. DOKKA allowed them to manage all of their approvals from a single platform, and submit approval notifications in a timely manner, with just a click of the mouse.

Minimized Risk of Duplicate Payments

One of the biggest benefits of using DOKKA is that it prevents duplicate payments. Spectrum’s vendors would send invoices, and then afterwards send a reminder with the same invoice attached, or they would send the same invoice to two different departments. Occasionally, multiple copies of the same invoice would appear in the emails. Thankfully, DOKKA recognizes this and notifies the user if there is an invoice with the same number already in the system.

“DOKKA tells me if we have an invoice in the system with the same number and if the copy of an invoice has been sent into the system it says: You already have this invoice, it’s highlighted and we can check it.”


- Nataliya Garbutt, Account Assistant at Spectrum Medical

“With DOKKA, it’s just easier to process invoices. You don’t have to spend so much time entering invoices, because it saves documents and background as well. And the approval process that we use is quite good.”

- Nataliya Garbutt, Account Assistant at Spectrum Medical

2x Faster Invoice Processing

See how DOKKA can double your accounts payable efficiency.