Why Harris Rosenberg Chartered Accountants Chose DOKKA Over All Other AP Systems


Harris Rosenberg Chartered Accountants (HRCA) stands out in the UK accounting space as a family-run business dedicated to forming close relationships with clients. Unlike typical accounting firms, HRCA goes beyond just filing year-end returns and offering tax advice. They focus on understanding the unique needs of each client and their respective businesses, allowing them to provide personalized solutions for growth.

In addition to traditional accounting services, HRCA places a strong emphasis on modernizing financial management through online accounting software, particularly Xero. As a Xero Certified Partner, they offer extensive experience in assisting clients with Xero through support, advice, and tailored on-site training. This adoption of technology reflects HRCA’s commitment to keeping their clients ahead of the curve, emphasizing efficiency and growth.

At the core of HRCA’s philosophy is the importance of building long-lasting relationships. They see themselves as more than accountants: they are trusted advisors. Clients working with HRCA can expect a partnership characterized by regular communication and a sense of security in their financial management.

HRCA’s approach goes beyond managing finances; it focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals and secure their financial future. This commitment to personalized service and long-term client relationships sets HRCA apart in the field of accounting.


Izzi Rosenberg joined Harris Rosenberg 15 years ago. After gaining experience in various businesses and industries as a senior accountant, he made a full circle by returning to the family firm in 2018. His goal was to transform it from an entity stuck in the 80s to a company at the forefront of technological advancement.

On his journey to transform Harris Rosenberg, Izzi encountered several challenges. A significant one was selecting the right accounts payable software in a crowded market. Under Izzi’s leadership, the firm aimed to streamline outdated accounting practices by adopting new technologies. The main obstacle, however, was not just finding suitable technology but also managing the human aspect of this transition.

When choosing an AP automation solution, there are many options in the market. Some vendors, Izzi noticed, were particularly loud in their marketing and offered numerous features. However, he realized that many of these features were more marketing tactics than practical tools for daily use, as they often lacked practical application.

Many AP vendors presented barriers to entry, such as requiring a commitment to a certain number of licenses to onboard. For example, a company might need to purchase a set number of licenses, and exceeding this number could mean doubling the subscription cost. Izzi recognized that when integrating new software, a gradual migration is often more practical, and the subscription models offered by other AP vendors were not accommodating to this approach.

The challenge is that people often like to be stuck in the way that they’ve been doing for many years, so people need to be educated on why the new way is better, how it can improve their day-to-day life, how it can improve the way they work and what benefits are in it for them.

- Izzi Rosenberg, Practice Manager at Harris Rosenberg


But was the pricing model the only factor that worked in favor of DOKKA? Not exactly.

What set DOKKA apart from other AP solutions was its product functionality, easy-to-use interface, direct integration into Xero, and exceptional onboarding experience. 

At the core of DOKKA’s platform is a design focused on practicality, offering efficient document processing essential for managing the workflows of an accounting firm like Izzi’s, which handles a multitude of clients. The platform’s built-in AI features minimize manual input, leading to faster turnaround times and freeing up the team to focus more on clients.

A major consideration in choosing AP automation software was its user-friendly interface. Izzi required a solution that could be easily adopted and used effectively by all team members, regardless of their technical proficiency. DOKKA was selected for its intuitive dashboard, which was crucial in ensuring a smooth transition and widespread adoption within the firm.

What really made DOKKA prevail was that Izzi placed great importance on customer support and the onboarding process. DOKKA’s team provided comprehensive demonstrations, personalized training, and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless transition and effective utilization of the platform. DOKKA’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing Xero systems and its customizable features meant it could be tailored to meet the specific needs of HRCA, resulting in a more coherent and connected workflow.

DOKKA is a lot more accommodating for scaling because the subscription is based on the number of documents within the firm rather than the number of licenses, so you can have as many companies as you want and then you get a certain quota of documents within those number of companies. It enables you to grow and build and scale up without having to suddenly jump onto the next package just like that.

- Izzi Rosenberg, Practice Manager at Harris Rosenberg


Increased Efficiency and Time-savings

DOKKA has brought about a significant increase in efficiency and time-savings. The use of DOKKA's AI capabilities has notably reduced the time previously spent on manual data entry and document handling. This improvement in processing efficiency translates into considerable time savings, allowing HRCA staff to focus on more important, value-added tasks such as client interactions and strategic planning

Additionally, DOKKA's enhanced document management features, such as the ability to link documents, spot duplicates, and seamlessly integrate with accounting software like Xero, have streamlined the process of managing documents. This has reduced the time spent organizing and correcting entries, and the system's two-way integration capability enables quicker identification of invoices.

Tasks that used to take hours can now be completed much faster, leading to a more efficient workflow. This increased efficiency fosters a sense of achievement and competence. Consequently, the HRCA team feels more empowered and motivated in their roles.

AP Solution with a Real Substance

On his mission to digitally transform the company, Izzi was very careful to evaluate the real substance that new software could bring to the table. DOKKA offered tools with direct, practical applications for daily accounting tasks, which was crucial for HRCA. They sought a system that provided tangible benefits in their day-to-day operations.

DOKKA's practical and useful features offered flexible solutions for document management. These included the ability to clip documents together, split them up, and easily access related emails. This flexibility made it easier to manage and process various document types and formats, particularly beneficial for a busy accounting firm like HRCA.

Moreover, communication and collaboration were also centralized on the DOKKA platform, with the chat feature proving to be very useful for the HRCA team. Features such as document sharing and integrated communication tools enabled smoother teamwork and easier problem-solving.

Fair and Transparent Pricing Model

In the accounting sector, a significant issue arises with software vendors abruptly changing their pricing without transparency, causing frustration among accountants. These changes are often drastic and communicated with little notice, leaving them unprepared and lacking the necessary margins to adapt. Therefore, Izzi noticed it's essential for pricing models to be clear, easily understandable, and transparent.

DOKKA was selected for its transparent pricing, scalability, and capacity to grow alongside the firm. DOKKA’s subscription model, based on the number of documents rather than a fixed number of licenses, provided the flexibility needed for a growing firm.This model has proven more accommodating than competitors' models, which often require significant increases in subscription costs with the expansion of the customer base.

Boost In Staff Morale and Productivity

The HRCA team was accustomed to traditional accounting methods and initially hesitant to adopt new technology. Izzi recognized that changing mindsets and reorienting approaches to daily tasks was as crucial as the technology implementation itself. This necessitated educating the team about the benefits of DOKKA's AP platform and reorienting their work processes.

After a brief period of onboarding training, DOKKA's user-friendly nature and efficiency gains contributed positively to staff morale. Employees felt more productive and less burdened by tedious tasks.

The intuitiveness of DOKKA's platform made it easier for staff to adopt this new solution. A system that is reliable and easy to navigate reduces the learning curve and operational hiccups. This creates a smoother, more enjoyable work environment, which was particularly beneficial for staff members who were less tech-savvy.

Supporting Talent Retention and Hiring

As much as technology helps, the real strength lies in people. Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges facing accountants in the UK, and Izzi's accounting firm is no exception.

To be at the forefront of recruitment and to attract the right talent, HRCA needs to demonstrate to candidates that they are a firm looking towards the future. By joining HRCA, prospective candidates will understand what it means to be an accountant in 2050, not just in 2023. 

With DOKKA’s AP system, I’ve found that the features they highlight during software demos have real substance. For instance, the ability to pull up the email accompanying a document is valuable because you don’t have to trace back to the original email source; you can see any instructions sent with the invoice directly in the system. Additionally, DOKKA offers the option to clip documents together, split them, and other flexible features. The built-in AI efficiently reads nearly every text on a document – a powerful feature I haven’t experienced with any other AP system on the market.

- Izzi Rosenberg, Practice Manager at Harris Rosenberg

“There are software vendors out there who listen to the needs of the shareholders and then basically go back and just throw out their products to the market. Whereas, what I find with DOKKA is that it listens to the needs of the customers and gives them what they need. Ultimately, for a software vendor to be successful, it’s the customers you need to listen to, which is what DOKKA has done.”

- Izzi Rosenberg, Practice Manager at Harris Rosenberg

Your Key to AP Efficiency

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