5 American Accounting Podcasts all Accountants should be Aware of

Top 5 American Accounting Podcasts

There is a really wide variety of amazing podcasts these days that you can choose from. But what is amazing is that there are now specific podcasts in every country in every industry.

The DOKKA team took some time to explore the universe of accounting & bookkeeping focussed podcasts, and discovered to our surprise that there are many podcasts focussed on the American market in the Accounting & Bookkeeping industry.

So we created a spreadsheet, and scored over 50 podcasts in the American market which had some element of focus for the Accounting, Bookkeeping & CPA industry.

And have come up with our top 5.

Here is the DOKKA list of Accounting & Bookkeeping podcasts we love.

In FIRST place: Thriveal

Jason Blumer brings a breath of fresh air into the accounting space with community and offerings around Accountants that are creative. It’s not just a podcast, it’s a community. Of like minded creative Accountants. We can’t forget the images of a few decades back with Bookkeepers sitting in small cramped offices with files of documents and paperwork to the ceiling. Thriveal will crush this vision in a second!

Thriveal brings a wave of fresh air with a new era of Accountants that are creative

In SECOND place: Cloud Accounting Podcast

John Blake Oliver and David Leary’s Cloud Accounting Podcast is positioned in the center of the Bookkeeping industry. Desktop accounting software products are quickly becoming dinosaur’s and Cloud Accounting Podcast is the perfect parter to bring you news, updates and information about Accounting in the cloud. Sure, Oliver and Leary, have received a couple of comments that they’re too over-confident, but the majority of comments focus on what a brilliant podcast they have developed. We agree!

Cloud Accounting Podcast
Still stuck in the desktop era. Cloud Accounting is taking the world by storm.

In THIRD place: Grow my Accounting Practice

Businesses don’t survive very long on average. And Bookkeeping and Accounting companies are no different. DOKKA works with many Bookkeeping & Accounting companies globally, and it’s a similar scenario. Actually, it might be worse. Due to the innovation and technology happening in the Accounting & Bookkeeping industry across the board, the companies that are forward thinking, and up to date with the latest advancements in technology are growing and thriving. And the old school bookkeeping and accounting companies are not able to keep up. Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan recognize this with their Grow My Accounting Practice podcast. If you’re an Accounting or Bookkeeping company, this is essential listening. Put this one on speed dial.

Grow My Accounting Practice
Grow My Accounting Practice is essential listening for owners of Bookkeeping and Accounting Companies

In FOURTH place: Accounting Best Practices

Steven Bragg has created a more serious podcast with Accounting Best Practices. The tone is more formal, the content more serious. But it’s important. Just because there is innovation and technology in the accounting and bookkeeping and finance industries, doesn’t mean that the subject matter is any less important. Finances are finances and it’s essential that they are right. What is the compliance issues? How is cross border sales tax handled? If you’re involved in the Accounting or Bookkeeping industry, then you should be keeping up to date. And Accounting Best Practices helps you do that.

Accounting Best Practices
Accounting Best Practices keeps you up to date with Accounting legislation and other important topics

In FIFTH place: CPA Review

Our fifth place choice was a little controversial in our team as it doesn’t cater for Bookkeepers, CPAs, Finance Professionals or Accountants. It caters for those studying to become CPA’s. But our team believe that the future is essential, and that Phil Yaeger is not only motivating and inspiring future Accountants but educating and preparing them as well. Times have changed from when we were at university! If we missed a lecture, we either studied it from the book directly, or asked someone else who attended to see their notes or in the rare case, their recording of the lecture. CPA Review is essential listening for those on the path to becoming CPA’s. And we think that’s important!

CPA Review
Are you on the path to becoming a CPA. Find out more the exams from people that have already done it by listening to CPA Review

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