Bank Statement Reconciliation Feature Explained

Bank Statement A.I.

This is Yoram, head of Customer Success at DOKKA. I’m back to blogging to share news about DOKKA’s newest features and things that you may have missed! First, here’s a reminder about DOKKA’s:

Bank Statement Reconciliation Feature

In case you missed the first announcement, you can upload bank and credit card statements to DOKKA! We will extract the transactions into a grid for you. At the most basic level, you can export this grid to Excel for reconciliation and to upload to your accounting system.

The next level lets you reconcile the bank statement against the transactions in your accounting system right from DOKKA!

You may ask why this is useful, since you already pull in the bank feed. The answer is that DOKKA will reconcile against your books, and we also make processing easier. Why? Because the same AI learning that makes invoices so easy to process also works on statements. We will watch which accounts are applied to which types of transactions and do the work for you! No need to set up rules. We create rules while you work.

If you’re already a customer of ours, you can try it out right now. If you’re not a DOKKA user yet, get in touch with the DOKKA team. The full reconciliation feature is available with our QBO integration and coming to our other integrations soon.

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