Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Review

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Yaeger CPA Review

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How do they describe themselves:

The CPA Review & More podcast discusses the CPA Exam and other topics related to CPAs. Each week we have a special guest that we interview about their career in the financial industry.

Where can you listen:

All 61 episodes of Yaeger CPA review are available to stream live from their website, and in addition you can subscribe via:

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People behind the podcast:

Name: Phil Yaeger
Website: n/a
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philyaeger/
About: (From Phil’s Linkedin page)

I passed the CPA exam in 1973 after taking a CPA Review course. I knew one thing after that … there had to be a better way.

A few years later I found that way and I started Yaeger CPA Review.

Number of Episodes: (on the 26th February 2020)


Examples of what this podcast is about:

CPA review is focussed on passing the CPA exam. 

The last 3 podcasts: (on the 26th February 2020)

  • A look at a non-cpa accounting path (with Caleb Jenkins)
  • The AICPA: How they implement changes to the CPA exam
  • Cloud accounting: A deeper understanding (with Ben Richmond from Xero)

Accounting Software Focus for this podcast:

This podcast is focussed on the CPA exams and not the accounting software that Bookkeepers and Accountants use. As an American podcast, if accounting software is mentioned, it will be US accounting software such as Intuit (QBO / QBD), Freshbooks, Accounting Suite, Xero, or some of the larger accounting ERP packages such as SAP, Oracle and Netsuite.

General Reviews:

The Apple podcast review page has 6 comments, and all of them are 5 star reviews. 

Comments include:

  • Great podcast for CPA candidates

What do we like about this podcast?

It’s VERY focussed. The accounting and bookkeeping space is very large and diverse. This podcast is for aspiring CPA’s who are writing the CPA exams in America.