Accounting Document Controlling

A business with a filing system that’s helter-skelter, is a business that’ll be mired in process, rather than progressive in it.

Documents, whether invoices, bills, or statements, are the collective narrative that tells a business’s story – how it’s tracking financially, money owed versus money paid, and even productivity. Essentially, it’s the financial ecosystem of that business, and if it’s poorly managed, that ecosystem is destined to collapse. 

DOKKA’s document controlling feature lets you streamline and better oversee the management of that paperwork environment, by bringing the process into a digitized space. 

DOKKA Document Controlling

The DOKKA Document Management Solution

What is document controlling and what are the benefits?

Digitizing your paperwork is the first step to a streamlined document management process – and that’s its biggest draw. It’s the foundation from which business-critical processes can burgeon, thus reducing accounting error, document mismanagement, and time wastage in accounting and filing processes.

Here are just some of the benefits in document control methods.

Enhanced security

A business’s paperwork is essentially documentation that houses its most precious and sensitive information – every step of a document’s lifestyle must be keenly watched. A document management system makes managing that facet easier, providing more control and data. DOKKA, as a document management system, has functionality that allows for the tracking of all paperwork, via all stakeholders on the system, and with its tagging feature and automated alerts, all of the relevant people have sight of every document at all times. 

Better retrieval

DOKKA has a ‘Google-like’ search functionality. This means that a single word from an invoice, or particular information regarding that document, typed in, will retrieve any related data available in the archives. This makes for lightning-fast document retrieval.

Increased productivity

DOKKA as a document controlling capability, uses smart artificial intelligence (AI), to learn a business’s processes and document capturing procedures. This means that it can entirely automate the document management function, reducing the need for human input to near nothing. 

An automated document management system means reduced manual data input, less paperwork processing and accounting errors, and more time for your accounting professionals to devote to more creative and profit-based endeavors in a day. 

More comprehensive data for better document back-up

DOKKA’s document control methods are powered by data. This is a vital feature – data as a document management system’s life-force allows for trackability, accurate filing, easy retrieval, and traceability that provides insight into every interaction with every document. What’s more, DOKKA’s digital dashboard means every document can be backed up for safe, auditable record-keeping – no paperwork lost, and no paperwork misfiled.

Best practices for managing documents throughout their lifecycle

Document management helps a business avoid potentially costly mistakes that could come with misfiling, paperwork loss, and incorrect data input.

There are a number of best practice procedures that, when in place, ensure success in filing protocols. These can be manually followed, but to reduce human error and streamline the process, it’s recommended that document management be digitized. DOKKA as a document management system allows for the following digitized processes:

  • Folder naming and structure that are consistent
  • Clarity and trackability of folder versions
  • Accurate document and signature tracking
  • Cataloged storage and a ‘Google-like’ search function for easy document retrieval
  • Remote access on every device

Document control methods ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Last, but not the least, DOKKA’s digital control features, manage the compliance requirements for documents – an often quite complex procedure. Because non-compliance can result in fines, revoked licenses, and sometimes serious liability, DOKKA as a document management system automates records, so that related and new documents with matching regulatory compliance is better cataloged and safely stored, for fast retrieval, and laser-focused record-keeping.

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