DOKKA launches its Accounting Automation Platform in Spanish

DOKKA launches its Accounting Automation Platform in Spanish

As a global cloud-based platform, operating in several regions worldwide, we are excited to announce that our accounting automation solution is now available in Spanish. 

DOKKA is already available in English and Hebrew. With a growing interest in the European and South American markets for a powerful accounting automation tool, our importance of supporting multiple languages has led to the decision to translate the offering to a Spanish version for new and existing users.

A major offering from DOKKA, trusted by users around the world, is its own language-agnostic tech. This advancement stems from the fact that Optical Character Recognition Software (OCR) does not work well with non-English speaking languages.

“Our intuitive language-agnostic technology has the ability to extract data, in the correct format, from all documentation. No matter the language.”

DOKKA’s mission is to transform the way an organization works and make it as productive as possible. With this already established advantage, to recognize any data with the highest level of accuracy, language translations are the next step to improving user experiences.

How to Change Language Settings on the Platform

DOKKA launches its Accounting Automation Platform in Spanish

If you are an existing user, simply go to the DOKKA app as usual. Select the language dropdown on the top right-hand corner to change your preferences.

For new users book a trial on our website, and one of our team members will be in contact with you to take you through our powerful platform, including how to access the app to change your language settings.


DOKKA is an advanced Accounting Automation tool. Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), DOKKA learns automatically how to process your documents. It will keep learning and improving to fit your document processing preferences. DOKKA automates the collection and processing of invoices providing secure digital archives & documents management capabilities. The automated invoice and bills management platform eliminates data entry, reduces errors, and digitizes your processes.

To find out more, click here to visit the DOKKA website.

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