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Every business has an ecosystem, with processes and procedures that work in symbiosis to create the energy and pulse that keeps that organization alive and growing.

When it comes to your accounts payable department, the tools you use to power that specific part of your business’s ecosystem, are all important – and especially when it comes to integration, and that element of symbiosis.

DOKKA has a QuickBooks accounting integration – fusing our automation and digitization capabilities, with QuickBooks’ seriously easy accounting features for small businesses, to make everything to do with accounts payable, faster, easier, and more efficient.

DOKKA accounting automation software has complete integration with QuickBooks 

With QuickBooks, you get:

  • Access to your business data anytime, anywhere – your accounting and invoice management is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval, wherever there’s an internet connection.
  • Cashflow overseeing – send clients quotes and invoices for faster payments, and then track sales, receipts and expenses on one dashboard.
  • Better business insights – pull reports that detail your business’s performance, and use these to adjust your processes accordingly, for more efficiency and profitability.

DOKKA AI saves businesses time and money by automating all bookkeeping tasks

The synergy that comes with integrating DOKKA’s automation with accounting made simple by QuickBooks, gives tangible benefits for business. 

Firstly, you’ll save more time when endeavoring to tackle accounts payable every month, because manual data input is no longer needed. DOKKA’s artificial intelligence learns your business’s accounting processes, via your activity on QuickBooks, and automatically extracts and populates data from the invoices you upload.

What’s more, less time spent on invoicing, will increase your business’s efficiency, and lessen possible errors that come with non-automated accounting, for more accuracy in your bookkeeping.

You don’t need to be an expert in programming to use this software

DOKKA’s QuickBooks accounting integration is the perfect tool for small businesses, whether you’re an accounting firm, or just need an efficient, seamless, and easy-to-use accounts payable dashboard.

Integration is quick and easy, and DOKKA’s AI begins to learn your processes and preferences from the get-go, to ensure a more streamlined accounts payable process from the start, whether you’re a professional accounting firm, or just seeking a competent bookkeeping service.

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