Maintaining Unique Transactions and More

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We’ve been plugging away making DOKKA better, faster, more user-friendly…

No Dupes in Real-Time

At DOKKA we believe in doing things right. That’s why we check for duplicates when you upload a document into DOKKA and when you accept it into your accounting system. We’ve all had that experience where we put in time and effort on a project, only to discover that it wasn’t necessary. For example, you complete a bookkeeping entry only to find that the transaction is already in the system. In the regular flow of work, a few seconds have just been wasted. But it’s also frustrating. Now, DOKKA will compare your bookkeeping entry to your accounting software in real-time. If we think that you’re processing a duplicate, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. This can help you keep the books clean and legit, and save you even more time.




Name Calling

We want to call things by their correct names. This gets tricky, because the same things can have different names in different countries. We modified DOKKA so that the labels of the different fields are in line with how they are called locally for you. This is mostly regarding VAT/tax/GST. But now, if you have a different name for something than we do, it’s all in your head.



Unsupported formats

There are hundreds of data formats for images and documents. DOKKA accepts all of the common ones. Now, if you try to upload an unsupported format, we’ll let you know. You’ll see it in the upload window.  




Delete Line Items

DOKKA will remember documents that you processed and prepare the bookkeeping entry based on similar entries that you’ve done. But what if this invoice has fewer lines items. Or what if I created a line item by mistake. Now it’s easy to remove extra line items. Just click on the “x” and watch it disappear.




That’s enough for now. Keep checking for more updates as we keep making DOKKA better and better.



If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant in our partner program, then speak to your DOKKA account manager today, so they can demo how to use these new features.


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