Sage Business Cloud Global Integration

Sage DOKKA Integration

I’ve been promising big news, and well, we’ve had some. Here is something HUGE…

Following on the heels of our SageOne South Africa Integration DOKKA is excited to announce that we now integrate with Sage Business Cloud (Global). If you’re using Sage Business Cloud in the United Kingdom or elsewhere outside of the South Africa region, DOKKA will connect directly with your accounting software. This makes the magic of DOKKA much more powerful. Your contacts (vendors and customers), payment accounts, Chart of Accounts, and VAT codes will be accessible through DOKKA. When you add a vendor in DOKKA, it will be added to Sage as well. An integration is a two-way partnership between the two systems, making your work even faster.


DOKKA currently integrates with Xero, Quickbooks Online (QBO), and now Sage Business Cloud. For the accounting packages not currently integrated, we offer the ability to export the data into Excel or csv format to import into your software

Manual Journal Entries

DOKKA has forms for several of the most common transaction types. We’ve added another form, for Generic Journal Entries. They come in very handy sometimes. We recommend that you be very careful to verify your data before submitting the form. Use them responsibly.


Bulk Select for Bulk Actions

We’ve added more functionality in the bulk actions department. You can already select multiple documents to perform certain actions (more coming). Now you can use Ctrl+A (Command+A for Mac) to select the whole screen. 


For security reasons Copy/Paste was blocked between DOKKA and other windows on your computer. We have resolved this. Now you can Paste INTO DOKKA! Most of what you need should be on the document in from of you in DOKKA. But now you can paste in other information without having to toggle and type.

US Sales Tax Support

Different countries have different accounting practices. This can be due to laws, policies, or common practice. We want DOKKA to be easy and intuitive to use the way you already like to work. We tweaked the system to bring DOKKA with Quickbooks in line with US Sales tax. 

And lastly for this installment…

How-To Tours

We have added tours to DOKKA! The first time you log in, you will see those helpful boxes pop up showing you how and where to perform different actions. You’ll only see them one, so pay attention! We’ll be adding more tours, as well as a way to go back and view them again, if you want a refresher. This is just another way we’re making DOKKA easy to use.

That’s enough for now. Keep checking for more updates as we keep making DOKKA better and better.

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