The DOKKA & SAP Integration for Better Document Management

Since the first iteration of a bill of sale, receipt, or quote was hastily scrolled onto parchment, document management in business has stayed a key process. But as business and commerce evolved to become more complex over the years, keeping track of vital papers became a necessity for sound record keeping, compliance in auditing, and historical transaction monitoring. Then, in the late 1990s, businesses the world over made their first tentative steps to the digitization of key operational structures, through the advent of business management software. And it’s in the ultra-modern phase of that state, where we find ourselves today. 

To stay relevant and agile in their market, today’s businesses must employ an enterprise management planning (ERP) software. Simply put, a form of cloud architecture that exists as the digital latticework for every business function – from marketing to human resources and even supply chain monitoring and sales tracking. More importantly, though, within it, a virtual accounts department automates the flow of finances and provides a smart document management system.

SAP Business One is such an ERP, and in conjunction with DOKKA’s accounting automation tool, now document management can become an entirely automated, laser-focused business capability that saves time, saves money, reduces error, and ensures a business’s fiscal health in the books.

Let’s unpack how DOKKA’s integration can help to augment the SAP document management capability. 

Why use a document management system (DMS)?

A document management system is a tool that automates a workflow, defining how to handle important documents, and where to store them in the cloud for ease of retrieval – essentially streamlining your processes, to save you time, money, and resources. 

Maintain a Digital Archive Feature

How do I manage documents in SAP?

The SAP DMS can essentially be supercharged by DOKKA – a premier accounting automation tool. With it, you can version control your important papers with trackable changes, and day/time stamps, deploy access control for your sensitive paperwork, make sure your fiscal standings are healthy, regulated, and audit-ready, and back-up your indexed documentation in the cloud, for peace of mind.

But that’s not all – you can upload documents quickly and easily, benefit from big data, and more. Here’s what you get:  

Upload documents easily

  • Drag and drop
  • Scan
  • Email
  • Photo

Get better with big data

  • Insight and data is automatically captured by DOKKA through AI learning that recognises, extracts and captures information according to your business’s processes

A digital archive in the cloud

  • Virtual folders in the cloud
  • Document tags

Manage pages

  • Combine pages
  • Edit pages
  • Organise pages online
  • Export files when needed

Smart search functionality

The quicker, smarter digital filing cabinet:

Search bar

In the search bar, type a single word related to the document you seek: company title, job type, invoice type, and DOKKA’s smart, all-knowing search function will find the information you need.

Date filter

Alternatively, use any of the various date filters in our smart data retrieval functions.

A pioneering DMS isn’t only a tool for better filing and record keeping. It’s a way for a business to have better control over its money matters. With automated document management, administration is optimized for time, and document discussion is linked to make communication with clients easier – it’s simply less admin, and more value-add. DOKKA is that pioneering DMS, and when integrated with the SAP Business One ERP, it’s a way to bring harmony to your accounting processes.

Switch to DOKKA, and harness the power of automation for better accounting, and better business.

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